What to consider before you buy a hot tub

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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Interested in buying a hot tub?

Welcome to our brief guide on what to consider so you can tick all the boxes!

We’ll guide you through what you need to consider before you buy a hot tub and make that important purchase.

Hot tub base and location

Location of your hot tub

If you’ve had the idea to buy a hot tub, you’ve probably already decided where to put it. One of the first things we at Yorkshire Hot Tubs recommend is positioning your hot tub close to the house so you make the most use out of it. That way, it’s just a short, easy walk to relaxation. Think about the layout of your garden or patio and how you can position your tub to maximise the space you have.

A suitable base for your hot tub

A hot tub requires an adequate base for it to sit on. Whether it’s above ground, placed on your decking or sunk into the ground, the team at Yorkshire Hot Tubs have years of experience to work with your requirements. Simply chat to us and we’ll advise the best option.

An indoor or outdoor hot tub?

If you’re thinking about an indoor hot tub or swim spa, then you may be considering adding a summerhouse or even an extension to your home. Yorkshire Hot Tubs are happy to advise you prior to starting any building works.

Adding extras to your outdoor space

The addition of a gazebo, pergola or shrubs can also be considered to increase your overall comfort and add to the aesthetics of your outside space.

Access for hot tub delivery

If you’re concerned about how your hot tub will be delivered into a tricky or narrow spot, then fear not! We specialise in tricky installs – it’s Yorkshire after all! We have our very own installation team to handle everything. Let us take care of all the logistics with our free planning and installation service so all you have to do is look forward to your first dip!

Try before you buy

We would always recommend that you try our products before you purchase. You need to view the quality of the shell, mechanics, technology, jets and the seating options to decide which model is most suitable for you. If you’d like to see what sets us apart from the rest, then book in a wet test in our dedicated showroom to experience our products for yourself.

Features and upgrades

Hydropool hot tubs come with many industry-leading features as standard. However if you feel like adding a more personal touch you can fully customise your tub, even down to the colour.

Hot tub finance

Remember, there are many finance options available to hot tub buyers, often with 0% interest to help you spread the cost of your tub into more manageable payments. No matter what your budget, you can indulge. Contact us for more information on the range of finance options available to you.

Hot tub running costs

The cost of running a tub needn’t be a concern when you purchase a Hydropool hot tub. Built to withstand Canadian winters, they are one of the most energy efficient range of hot tubs on the market.

Eco Heat Exchange technology allow the vents to open in the summer and lock in the heat produced by the pump in the winter. The Thermal Shield Blanket offers Triple Thermal Shield insulated protection of the pipes, cabinet and floor and trap in the waste heat from the pump, reflecting the heat back towards the shell and water. Hydropool’s Evergreen pumps are designed to produce more GPM with less wattage. Keep the heat locked in when your tub is not in use with the Hydrowise Heat Shield Cover that is designed to cope with harsh Canadian winters.

Start the ball rolling...

Remember, the team here at Yorkshire Hot Tubs are here to guide you through the range of options and what to consider before you buy a hot tub. Simply give us a call to book your appointment to our Ilkley showroom. We look forward to welcoming you!

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