What chemicals do I need for a hot tub?

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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what chemicals do I need for my hot tub

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Confused about what chemicals you need for your tub?

In order to maintain the quality and life of your hot tub, it’s imperative that you regularly inspect, clean and add chemical enhancers to ensure correct water chemistry.You’ve probably seen a lot of products out there, but asked yourself what chemicals do I need for a hot tub?

Even with our self clean models, simple testing daily can ensure your hot tub is safe and the water is crystal clear every time to step in. As the water is hot, it opens up the possibilities for bacteria to develop which can cause all sorts of irritations to bathers. Luckily it only takes a few minutes each week to maintain your tub.

A Balancing Act

Your hot tub needs the right balance of chemicals to kill bacteria and work effectively. There are a wide range of chemicals available for hot tubs and swim spas. What do you need?


The two main sanitisers are chlorine and bromine. Levels of sanitisers can be checked swiftly with a simple testing strip. Chlorine is the traditional element used to kill bugs in swimming pools, is slightly cheaper and highly effective at killing algae; whilst bromine performs spectacularly well at high temperatures, without giving off the gasses causing irritation that chlorine does. The choice is yours.

Oxy Shock & Enhance

In addition to bromine, shock and enhancers break down waste that cannot be filtered that is commonly found in the water. This waste can result in cloudy and unpleasant water, which no-one wants in their tub!

pH Levels

You’ll need to ensure the right pH balance in your hot tub. Between 7.2 and 7.8 is the optimum pH level; anything below or above means the water is too acidic or alkaline. Higher levels of either will cause problems including skin irritation to bathers or cloudy water. If the water is not within the advised range, then adding chemicals to stabilise the water is needed.

Calcium Hardness

Similarly if the water becomes too soft and without the right amount of calcium the water may draw other elements from the hot tub parts and cause corrosion. Too much calcium will result in cloudy water.

As chemicals are dangerous, we always give you a thorough demonstration on how to care for your hot tub, both during sale and once your hot tub is installed.

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions.


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