The perfect spot for your swim spa

swim spa installation

Are you thinking of buying a swim spa? If so, the chances are you’ve already thought about where it will be positioned. The swim spa installation process is as important as the product you decide to buy. If you’re still undecided on its final resting place, here’s a few useful tricks from the trade to …

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Are hot tubs safe?

Are hot tubs safe

As you know, we love a quick dip in a hot tub (Hydropool branded ones only of course)! We want you to enjoy bathing in a hot tub and we’re committed to ensuring that you stay safe too.   So how can you ensure your hot tub is safe? You’ve probably read horrifying stories covering …

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How do I clean my hot tub?

hot tub cleaning

To enjoy your hot tub or swim spa to the maximum, it’s essential that you keep it clean. No-one wants to be unnecessarily exposed to bacteria which can cause rashes and infections. So you may be asking, how do I clean my hot tub? If you follow some very easy and basic hot tub maintenance …

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A swimming workout that’s not just for fitness fanatics

Swimming Workout

It’s widely known that swimming is a great form of exercise. It is a great to help get you in shape and stay in shape. And it’s enjoyable too! Gliding weightlessly through the water offers a long list of health benefits in addition to giving you a great swimming workout. When you swim, you move …

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Make the most of your hot tub in summer!

hot tub in summer

Given this year’s rare and ongoing heatwave, jumping from the heat of the sun into the heat of a hot tub may be the last thing you want to do! However, it would be a shame to leave your hot tub redundant and lonely this season. With the long hot summer continuing, why not embrace …

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Yorkshire Hot Tubs at the Great Yorkshire Show

Swim Spas and Hot Tubs at the Great Yorkshire Show

Come and visit us at the largest agricultural show in the north! A famous celebration of the best in Yorkshire food, farming and rural life this year’s 160th Great Yorkshire Show is set to be the best yet! Over Tuesday 10th – Thursday 12th July 2018, this celebrated three-day event is held at the Great …

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How long should I stay in a hot tub?

how long you should stay in a hot tub

We all love a good relaxing soak, especially in a luxury hot tub. If you’re thinking of purchasing a hot tub, or you’ve recently bought one, what do you know about the optimum temperature, and how long you should stay in a hot tub? Do you need to wait for fully wrinkled toes or should …

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What temperature should a hot tub be?

What temperature should a hot tub be

What better way to relax away all the worries and strains of the day than by immersing yourself in the soothing warm water of a hot tub? But what temperature should a hot tub be? Just how hot is too hot? We give you some practical advice on finding the hot tub temperature that’s perfect …

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What chemicals do I need for a hot tub?

What chemicals do I need for a hot tub

In order to maintain the quality and life of your hot tub, it’s imperative that you regularly inspect, clean and add chemical enhancers to ensure correct water chemistry. You’ve probably seen a lot of products out there, but asked yourself what chemicals do I need for a hot tub? Even with our self clean models, …

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What are the hot tub running costs like?

costs of running a hot tub

When buying a hot tub, one of the first considerations aside from the initial outlay of the tub itself, is the costs of running a hot tub. What impact will the ownership of a hot tub have on my electricity bill? What do I need to buy to keep it clean and maintained? How economical …

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