3 person hot tubs

Our space saving tub perfect for couples. Our Self-Cleaning 2 – 3 man hot tubs allow you to enjoy a hot tub, when outdoor space is limited

  • Hydropool 395

    3 Person Hot Tub

    Hydropool 395

    Self-Cleaning Hot Tub
    The world’s easiest hot tub to maintain: Our patented self cleaning system uses state of the art technology to cleanse 100% of the water every 15 minutes. The innovative seating design and jet positioning allows the continuous flow of water to aid filtration.

    Designed for petite spaces and perfect for couples

More about our 3 person hot tubs

Looking for a 3 person hot tub? Many customers choose a 3 person hot tub for just 2 people, with the view to giving different bathing options and more space to stretch out. We have the options to suit you. Choose from the Hydropool 395 Self Cleaning model that has the added advantage of 2 full seats along with a never float lounger so perfect for moving between the varied seat depths and altering your massage options. A 3 person hot tub gives you more options for comfort as a couple with increased space compared to a 2 person hot tub. If you’re looking for a romantic hot tub, or one to fit in a small terrace or patio, then this tub is for you. It’s the perfect option for when space is a concern due to its petite dimensions. Enjoy the variety of seat depths to massage your body as well as enjoying the space to move around without feeling cramped. This size of hot tubs is also suitable if you want to invite the little ones in to play!

If you require slightly more space, then our 3 – 4 person hot tub, the Hydropool 4L in our Serenity range has 4 full adult seats. This way you can enjoy the seat depth options with space to fully stretch your limbs. This model features a Captain’s chair and Rejuvenator seat along with a deep foot well for enhanced comfort. Perfect for a family of 4 to enjoy as there is enough width and depth for the kids to move and splash around. This size of hot tub is also ideal for 2 couples so perfect if you have guests round.