Swim spa and hot tub installation services

From balconies to backyards. Go on, give us a challenge!

Considering the perfect position for your hot tub or swim spa should be carefully thought out. We are happy to give you advice on where to install your hot tub or swim spa to ensure your maximum enjoyment. Before we take on any project we insist on a full site survey to establish the safest and most effective way of installing your hot tub or swim spa.

We’ll get your hot tub or swim spa to wherever you need it

There hasn’t been an install yet that we haven’t been able to fulfil! During our site survey we’ll determine the best way of delivering your new tub or swim spa. Here are the options:

On a wagon

The most common way of delivering your new tub or spa is on a trailer or flat bed. It’s then simply and carefully wheeled round to your chosen spot.

We’ll crane it in

For apartment buildings, balconies or houses where access to the side is tight we’ll hire a crane to safely deliver your hot tub or swim spa.

We’ve even used helicopters!

It’s true! We’ll not be beaten, and have used helicopters to deliver hot tubs to remote locations where access is tricky.

And we’ll install it however you want

We’ve implemented some beautiful installations, and we can even prepare your chosen spot. Our team of experts know just what surface you need to position your hot tub or swim spa, be it preparing a base of conrete, digging a space for a sunken tub or building stunning decking. We offer full design advice and ideas. The options for installation are:

For more information, please do get in touch? Or Why not browse our range while you consider where your perfect hot tub or swim spa would look best in the garden?