How an outdoor hot tub complements garden living

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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How a hot tub complements outdoor living

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The addition of a hot tub needn’t be an eyesore in your beautiful garden

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub but want it to blend in with the flora, then take a look at our suggestions on how to incorporate an outdoor hot tub into your garden with a combination of furniture, gazebos and plants.

A burst of colour

As always, plants and shrubs will complement the natural wood, helping to provide an organic screen. Use climbing perennials and annuals such as fuchsia or clematis will add a burst of colour. If you’re thinking of a pergola then try a winding wisteria, vine or climbing rose to add scents and vibrancy. Keep these plants regularly pruned to help prevent debris entering your hot tub. A balance between a selection of evergreen plants or shrubs will ensure that your garden is green all year round.

Gazebos and Canopies

hot tub with gazebo

Create some cover from that Great British drizzle with a natural cedar gazebo. With designs tailored to your exact hot tub or swim spa, they provide an organic, aesthetically pleasing canopy. Add climbing plants, bunting, fairy lights, hanging baskets or wooden furniture to enhance the look.

Natural Decking

Hot tub fully sunken into decking

If you’re thinking of sinking your outdoor hot tub into the ground, building decking could be the perfect option for you. Building steps up to your tub so you can step in will help to blend your tub with the garden.

Add some pots

hot tub with pots half sunken

Ideal for the summer, adding pots of pretty and vibrant flowers such as begonias, marigolds or geraniums offer instant and long-lasting colour that last the whole summer season.

Fragrant flowers and herbs

As well as choosing plants you like for their beauty, it’s worth considering fragrance when planning your garden. The sweet scents of roses, evening primrose, jasmine or lavender will awaken your senses during immersion.

Use natural screening

Try adding natural screening such as bamboo around your hot tub. It’s great natural alternative to fence panels to provide screening and protection.

The addition of an evergreen shrub will not only give you good green cover but protect against the wind. You’ll also enjoy a more natural type of privacy with a green screen such as Japanese Yew or Emerald Arborvitae which can grow to up to 15 ft. These shrubs need minimal pruning (just once a year) and are fast growing.


You could even add an outdoor bar area in addition to your outdoor furniture to enhance your garden living experience. A good quality gas barbeque or even a wood fired pizza oven provides a welcome addition to your garden that can be used all year round!

Lighting options

If you want to create a truly atmospheric evening hot tub experience, then solar powered lighting could be just for you. Add small torches either sides of paths, or on longer stems beside your tub to light the way to your tub at night. You could also consider adding some dimmable lighting. See our features and upgrades page for information on packages that can be added to your Self-Cleaning hot tub to enhance your experience.

Some inspirational outdoor hot tubs

View one of our recent installs via this video from Smart Spaces.

Need help planning your outdoor hot tub?

If you need some help planning your garden and finding the perfect place to house your hot tub, then we’d love to help.

Head to our showroom in Ilkley to view our stunning range of tubs and swim spas. We look forward to meeting you!

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