What are the hot tub running costs like?

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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hot tub running costs

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When buying a hot tub, one of the first considerations is the costs of running a hot tub.

What impact will the ownership of a hot tub have on my electricity bill? What do I need to buy to keep it clean and maintained? How economical are they in reality?
Our blog gives you some practical tips on how to run a hot tub economically to ensure you do not incur unnecessary costs.

Excellent Filtration

There are so many models of hot tub to choose from today. Different sizes, specifications and prices which can make buying a hot tub confusing. By purchasing a self cleaning model you can sit back and know that the water is cleaned every 15 minutes for short bursts. This ensures that your filters are not operating as long as competitor models. You’re reassured of constantly filtered water which is energy saving too.

Check the Insulation

The pipes, cabinet and floor of your hot tub all need to be fully insulated to ensure that no heat escapes unnecessarily. Hydropool’s Thermal Shield blanket uses Nasa inspired insulation technology to keep your hot tub as cosy and energy efficient and as possible.

Invest in a Good Cover

After purchasing a quality hot tub with good insulation, the last thing you want to see is heat escaping from the lid draining your money. This is where a good hard cover is invaluable. Hydropool have produced a 4-inch-deep thermal hot tub and swim spa cover patented heat shield technology to maintain your hot tub temperature with minimal heat loss.

Energy Efficient

In the summer it’s easy to see that it’ll be cheaper to run your hot tub due to the ambient temperature. Your tub won’t have to work as hard to maintain heat. How much you’ll pay exactly will depend on your electricity provider and how well built your hot tub is. It’s worth remembering that cheaper models can cost more in electricity so become more expensive over time. The good news is that the average running costs for some of Hydropool’s Serenity models are just under £1 a day! Many models also allow you to save money by programming your hot tub into ‘sleep mode’ when you’re on holiday or not going to be using it for a while.

Size Matters

It makes sense to realise that the larger the hot tub, the more litres of water it will hold and more energy used to heat the increased volume. An average size hot tub will hold just under 1000 litres of water, but some of the larger models can hold almost double that! Take into account your water costs as the water does have to be replaced periodically.

Water Chemistry

Don’t forget to factor in the purchase of chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, balancers and pH level testing strips to your calculations when considering a hot tub. Luckily Yorkshire Hot Tubs supplies everything you need to keep your water perfectly clear, either on our online shop or in our showrooms.

Maintenance and Servicing

Having a good servicing contract for your hot tub is vital and will ensure its longevity. You should plan to have your tub fully serviced annually and be prepared to buy replacement parts such as pumps and filters as necessary. Maintaining the correct level of chemicals along with draining and refilling ever 8-12 weeks will help keep your hot tub working without any worries. Take a look at our great range of Service Contracts.

Contact us for more information about the costs of running a hot tub or to discuss your exact needs.

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