Why purchase a used hot tub?

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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Used hot tub

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Choosing a used hot tub comes with many benefits for the consumer

We currently have a range of used hot tubs for sale. These previously cherished tubs have been fully serviced, wet tested and given a one year warranty. Now, they are simply waiting in our warehouse to be given a new home!

What are the main reasons to buy a used hot tub?

There are many reasons you may consider a second hand over a brand new model. 

1. To Save Money

First and foremost, it’s obvious that a used hot tub is cheaper than a brand new model. Many people choose to buy a second hand hot tub when a new model is out of their price range. It’s personal preference. Just as some people prefer to buy a used car, many are quite happy with a pre-loved hot tub to save on the initial outlay.

Existing hot tubs owners, having enjoyed their experience, may be keen to upgrade to the latest model. This may leave their used hot tub redundant when it will continue to work for many years ahead. This is where the second hand option offers a great deal for the right buyer.

2. Save the Environment

At Yorkshire Hot Tubs. we are committed to re-using our products wherever possible. We want to prevent unnecessary waste and avoid sending our good quality used products to landfill.  As a proud retailer of Hydropool, we are able to obtain and repair parts easily. and always try and repair an issue. This enables us offer older tubs for re-sale, preventing unnecessary waste.

3. Relax with a warranty on used hot tubs

Before any of our tubs are offered for re-sale, they are fully serviced. We carry out:

  • Full maintenance and service checks
  • Repair or replace any parts as necessary
  • Carry out a full inspection
  • Wet test the hot tub

Often, these hot tubs have had just one owner who has kept up with weekly, monthly and annual maintenance on the tub. However, whether it’s 1 or 10 years old, every second hand tub goes through the same checks. As a second hand buyer, you can also enjoy a one year parts and labour warranty on every used tub.

4. Enjoy Hydropool quality

Having sold Hydropool for years, we recognise the build quality. Hydropool hot tubs certainly stand the test of time. In fact, we’re still looking after a hot tub in the French Alps that is 25 years old!

We are confident that one of our used hot tubs will serve you for years to come. When buying a used hot tub, you still enjoy the same unique features of Hydropool (with some models including patented Self-Cleaning technology, the HydroWise Thermal Shield, comfort features and state of the art design).

Hydropool hot tubs are also built to withstand Canadian winters and designed to be as energy efficient as possible. This means that even if you purchase an older model, your energy bills will not skyrocket.

Find out more about second hand hot tubs

If you are interested in purchasing one of our used hot tubs, head to our Second Hand Hot Tub page for more information. Alternatively, contact us to check the stock we have available.

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