What temperature should a hot tub be?

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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How hot do you like your hot tub?

What better way to relax away all the worries and strains of the day than by immersing yourself in the soothing warm water of a hot tub? But what temperature should a hot tub be? Just how hot is too hot?

We give you some practical advice on finding the hot tub temperature that’s perfect for you and your family.

For the vulnerable

It’s widely recognised that the elderly, pregnant women and those with heart conditions should consult a medical professional before using a hot tub. If it is safe, then the optimum temperature is around body temperature – 36 – 37 degrees C. For kids, a much lower temperature of 35C is advisable, as children are less able to regulate body temperature the same as adults.

Personal preference

Your hot tub factory settings will be at 38 degrees, but body temperature of 37 degrees is a generally good start for your hot tub. It’s regarded that women tend to like it slightly hotter at 38 – 39 degrees. This may be that women on the whole tend to feel the cold more than men. Men have a greater muscle mass than women and with muscle mass producing 25% of body heat it means more heat production.

And for your Swim Spa

As with a regular swimming pool, the temperature of your swim spa will be much lower than that of a hot tub. 27 degrees is about right for your pool as exercise generally increases your body temperature so you don’t want it too hot.

Weather Dependent

It’s common sense to set the temperature lower in the hot tub in summer when the weather is hotter. Many people enjoy their hot tubs all year round, and if using your hot tub in winter you can really experience how hot your tub is, seeing the steam rising! If the temperature drops below freezing you will need to increase the overall temperature to maintain optimum conditions. No-one wants to be cold in winter! It may be that you have to turn the temperature up to the maximum 40 degrees to keep it toasty.

Keep your hot tub temperature consistent. By turning the temp right down you may think you’re saving money but in reality, you’re making the hot tub work harder and putting strain on the pump and heater. Investing in a quality hot tub cover is essential to combat unnecessary heat loss as well as keeping debris out.

So in essence, it’s really up to you to discover the perfect hot tub temperature for your needs. Contact us to discuss all your hot tub options.

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