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  • 25 years experience – producing quality Canadian-made hot tubs and swim spas for over a quarter of a century equals vast knowledge of what works within the most challenging climates
  • Innovative comfort and design – making hot tubs and swim spas even more comfortable and healing to ensure you get the most out of your tub
  • Exclusive Self-Cleaning technology – incredibly easy to maintain, creating time for what really matters – the enjoyment of your hot tub or swim spa
  • Exclusive HydroWise Thermal Shield Technology – always striving for new ways to minimise heat loss, saving you heating costs
  • Industry leading guarantee – all products come with a guarantee of quality so you know you’re buying a quality that’s built to last

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Hydropool’s Exclusive Self-Cleaning Technology

The World’s Easiest Hot Tub to Maintain.

The Self-Cleaning System cleans 100% of the water every 15 Minutes, that’s an incredible 8 times in two hours!

HydroClean Filtration Jets, innovative seating design and strategically placed jets push floating debris to the high flow skimmer to boost the efficiency of the cleaning system and ensure large pieces of dirt are prevented from entering the pump. The Hydroclean floor vacuum cleans dirt and grit regularly, removing the need for manual vacuuming. All parts are easily obtainable for cleaning and replacing and there is the option to fully customise your watercare system with our range of chemicals and salts.

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Exclusive HydroWise Thermal Shield Technology

Hydropool Hot Tubs are designed to be the most energy efficient hot tub in the world.

Built in Canada to withstand the harshest of winters, the fully insulated Hydrowise Heat Shield hard covers avoid heat loss by using heavy duty tapered locking to keep the heat in. This coupled with NASA-inspired Triple Thermal Shield Technology insulates the pipes, cabinet and floor preventing heat loss and making your tub more energy efficient.

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Hydropool’s Comfort Features

Immerse yourself in pure luxury

With superior ergonomic design with a variety of seating depths including bucket seats, loungers and wide lumbar seats, every user can find the perfect individual position for optimum relaxation. Our soft pillows ensure your head and neck are also fully supported. Our Science of Immersion Hydrotherapy jets massage your whole body leaving you feeling rested and revived.

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State Of The Art Design

Raising the standards through precision design

One of the largest manufacturers of hot tubs and swim spas in the world, Hydropool pride themselves on cutting edge innovation and state of the art equipment design. The research and development teams are constantly seeking new ways to enhance your immersion experience. From the patented self cleaning system, to optimised hydraulics and a 10 year structural guarantee Hydropool bring you the best in design and technology.

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The Science Behind Your Hydropool Massage

A hot tub session speeds up the natural healing process.

Hydropool’s Zone Hydrotherapy combines massage, reflexology, colour therapy and aromatherapy to take the ‘Science of Immersion’ to the next level. Using different strengths of jets for each massage and ergonomic seating, you can tailor hydrotherapy to your exact needs. This is guaranteed to decontract muscle fibres and calm aching muscles for optimal back relaxation.

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