A swimming workout that’s not just for fitness fanatics

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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Looking for a workout that’s high energy, low impact?

It’s widely known that swimming is a great form of exercise. It is a great to help get you in shape and stay in shape. And it’s enjoyable too! Gliding weightlessly through the water offers a long list of health benefits in addition to giving you a great swimming workout.

When you swim, you move your whole body. Swimming not only helps you tone up, it provides a great workout which gets your heart going with minimal impact. Swimming helps to improve both your strength and endurance.

Here are some of the other many hidden benefits of swimming:

• Lower your blood cholesterol and blood sugar
• Expand your lung capacity through holding your breath underwater
• Improve your mental health with the repetitive motion and weightlessness
• Reduce your stress levels
• Get a better night’s kip

Our range of swim spas, available to see and try in our Ilkley Swim Spa Showroom, offer you a convenient and private way of enjoying the benefits or swimming in the privacy of your own home. But there is more to swim spas that first meets the eye. Read on to discover more….

Benefits of swim spa swimming

Swim spas give you the flexibility to adjust the swim current depending on your strength, experience and ability. So, whether you’re a novice or a pro, the powerful jets can be easily adapted to your level. As you improve, you can gradually increase the jet speed to continually up your game. And there’s another bonus you may not have thought about too; no turning! Swimming against the current removes the need to turn creating a completely uninterrupted swimming experience.

Simple swimming workouts to try in your new swim spa

You may be surprised to hear that swimming for 1 hour burns almost as many calories as running! The main advantage that swimming has over running is that it is very low impact, reducing strain on your muscles and joints yet providing the same cardiovascular benefits.

But there’s more you can do in a swim spa than just swim:

Resistance training – A perfect swimming workout for a complete upper and lower body workout. The idea is that you exercise against the powerful current, varying the speed dependent on how much of a workout you want. The resistance and weight of the water allows your muscles to enjoy a similar workout to that of lifting weights, but without the strain on your muscles or joints.

Core Exercises – Also achievable in a hot tub, you can perform great core exercises such as abdominal crunches against the water to work your core muscles, improving overall body strength and balance.

Running – Yes, running in a swim spa! Water is denser than air. Running in water gives your muscles a deeper workout than running outside or in the gym, and without the impact. Add aqua dumbbells for a more intense workout.

Swimming – simply swimming against the current with a variety of different strokes, breaststroke, backstroke, crawl or even butterfly. Adjust the current to suit your needs and feel the true benefits of a swimming workout.

Suitable for all ages

It’s never to early or late to feel the benefits of swimming and immersing yourself in water. Most children adore being in the water. Our range of swim spas offer a great way for families to spend more time together. The low impact on joints makes it perfect for those recovering from an injury to get back to full strength.

Swim Spas are fantastic products. If you’ve never had the opportunity to try one, we’d really recommend it. We’re more than happy for you to pop down and try out one of ours, so why not book a wet test at our swim spa showroom today?

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