Book a Swim Spa Wet Test

Fancy taking a dip? Come and try for yourself!

We love to showcase our fantastic products, and have two dedicated showrooms in Ilkley for you to test our exceptional hot tubs and swim spas for yourself.

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, and we think it’s the same with a hot tub or swim spa.

It’s also a great opportunity for us to tell you about all the added features, upgrades and benefits of all our products, as well as giving you practical advice on regular maintenance and servicing options.

We’d love to meet you and show you our range, so why not book a wet test today? Simply fill in the online form and we’ll get back to you to confirm.

Book your Swim Spa wet test here:

Don’t worry, we’re not the sort to bother you with unwelcome emails and calls! We only ask for your contacts so we can email you a confirmation and get in touch if there’s an issue with your prefered date and time. You can view our privacy policy here.