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Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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Looking for the perfect position for your new swim spa?

Are you thinking of buying a swim spa? If so, the chances are you’ve already thought about where it will be positioned.The swim spa installation process is as important as the product you decide to buy. If you’re still undecided on its final resting place, here are a few useful tricks from the trade to help you.

Sunken or above ground?

Did you know it’s possible to fully sink your swim spa into the ground? It’s a great option if you struggle with steps or simply want to enjoy the luxury of stepping down into your pool. If this isn’t possible in your desired location (due to mains pipes for example), perhaps consider a half sunken tub? There are so many options available and the use of decking and gazebos can really complete the aesthetics.

A secure base

Whether you decide to install your hot tub above or below ground, it’s essential that a concrete base is prepared and laid to hold the weight of the spa and water contained in it. Our biggest swim spa, the Hydropool 19ex, weighs in at over 10 tonnes when full!
Swim spas hold thousands of litres of water and the last thing you want is your base cracking due to the weight. Laying the foundations will ensure you can use your swim spa worry free.


You’ll also need to consider access to electrics and ensure a qualified electrician has wired in an outside plug with the correct amperage. If you’re buying a swim spa from us, we can recommend a very good local electrician who’s familiar with our products, or you can use your own favoured professional.

Indoor or outdoor?

If you think you’ll be using your swim spa all year round, then why not consider positioning it indoors? We battle against the elements here in Yorkshire and this year’s heatwave aside, the main issue is rain. The last thing you want is to be prevented from using your brand-new swim spa because of the weather. Why not consider an attractive swim spa enclosure or gazebo to protect it? There are a great range of options, sizes and styles available.

All our swim spas are Canadian built and can withstand the hardest of winter conditions. They are perfectly suitable to live outdoors with the best Nasa inspired insulation in the market… Discover more about the benefits of Hydropool hot tubs here. If you’re planning to situate your swim spa outdoors, then consider positioning it close to a back door to avoid a long dash across the garden in a towel. The prevailing wind direction is also a consideration, so think about a screen or trellis to grow climbing plants to help naturally shield you from any chilly breezes.

A beautiful view

It’s essential to consider what you’ll be looking at when bathing. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful view from your garden, then make the most of it! Equally important is whether you’ll be overlooked by neighbours when swimming. Why not consider a screen, fence or pergola to help maintain some privacy? You could also think about planting shrubs or trees to provide some natural screening.

Our installation team can deliver your swim spa to pretty much anywhere you want – through sheer Yorkshire determination, there hasn’t been an install yet that we haven’t been able to fulfil! You can find out more about our swim spa installation service here. And if you would like to talk through installation options or fancy a site survey to formulate a plan, please get in touch today.

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