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10 year birthday

Happy birthday to us! We’re celebrating 10 years of YHT

This week, YHT are delighted to celebrate 10 years in business!

Why not grab a cuppa and have a read of our history, developments and achievements over the last decade?

To celebrate, we also have some great special offers available throughout this week.

Our humble beginnings

Back in 2010 whilst volcanic ash suspended flights, Instagram was in its infancy and the iPad had just been released, Yorkshire Hot Tubs was born. We opened the doors of our showroom on 4th March 2010 in the height of the recession. Founded by 5 friends with a love of hot tubs, we scoured the hot tub market to find the right brand to bring to the good people of Yorkshire. After substantial research (and a lot of wet testing!) we decided that there was a gap in the market for a high-end product and decided to bring the luxury Canadian brand Hydropool, the World’s only Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs and Swim Spas to the spa town of Ilkley.

The #1 place to find luxury

In the last 10 years, Yorkshire Hot Tubs have grown from strength to strength. We’ve grafted to carve out a niche market in the area to become the number one choice for those seeking ultimate at-home relaxation.

Award-winning service

Back in 2011 when we won the award for Best New Retailer, to our success winning the Hydropool Marketing Excellence Award in 2019, we have continued to offer honest, practical advice and stand apart from the competition. Since opening, we’ve won 13 prestigious Hydropool awards.

  • Hydropool SILVER Award 2010 & 2011 recognising excellence in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service
  • Hydropool NEW RETAILER OF THE YEAR 2011
  • Hydropool GOLD Award 2012, 2013, 2014 recognising excellence in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service
  • Hydropool Most Improved Dealer 2013
  • Hydropool PLATINUM Award 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015 recognising excellence in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

Continuing to improve our service

2018 was a big year for Team YHT. We launched a brand-new website in the summer to help enhance enquiries, increase online presence and provide easier access to chemicals and filter sales online. We also opened a secondary showroom, specifically for swim spa sales, to support the growth of the swim spa market throughout the UK. As Yorkshire’s only dedicated swim spa showroom, we offer wet testing as well as practical advice on design, installation and maintenance of this very special product.

Never failing to accept a challenge

Installations in Yorkshire are always a challenge, but we have never failed! Uphill, down dale, city centre penthouse suites, through fields (saying hi to the sheep as we go), over walls, over hedges, over houses… we’ve even travelled as far as Orkney and the French Alps to deliver the luxury of Hydropool to our customers!

Proudly supporting local events

We’re very proud support the Great Yorkshire Show; the greatest show on turf! We have exhibited at this major event for the last 7 years and look forward to attending again this year. We’re also regular exhibitors at the Harrogate Flower Shows in Spring and Autumn.

Luxury available to all

Since opening, we’ve helped countless people realise their dream of owning a hot tub. From holiday cottages to private homes, our Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas continue to provide a luxurious environment for relaxation, therapy and fun to all.

Let the celebrations begin!

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, throughout this week until Sunday 8th March we’re offering fantastic savings on all in-stock hot tubs and swim spas. There are also great savings available on products in our online shop. Simply use the coupon code ‘birthday15’ at the checkout to claim your discount.

Plus, anyone who comes to visit us is welcome to don their trunks and try the hot tubs and swim spas out for themselves. Why not enjoy a glass of fizz and start the journey to creating your very own backyard oasis? We look forward to seeing you soon.

Banish the winter blues

Banish those winter blues

As the nights are drawing in and we come closer to the shortest day of the year, many of us find that the lack of natural daylight, sniffles and miserable weather make us feel a bit down in the dumps.

There’s no reason to let this time of year get you down! We suggest some ways you can use a hot tub or swim spa to banish the blues and enjoy the small things that make this season great (besides rolling in the snow naked 😂)

Go out with a bang 🎆🎇

Create a night to remember by jumping in your hot tub on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy a free luxurious firework show from the comfort of your very own hot tub or swim spa!

Add some mood lighting ✨

Why not accept the short daytime and embrace the early darkness? Taking a dip in your hot tub at nightfall is both atmospheric and calming. Our range of hot tub lighting options create added ambience. You could even add some candles lanterns on your deck or hang fairy lights around your hot tub area to create ambience in the darkness.

Embrace the weather ❄

On particularly frosty mornings, there’s nothing quite like an invigorating hot tub to set you up for the day. Watching the steam rising and reacting with the cold air is strangely therapeutic. If we’re lucky enough for snowfall in the forecast this year, then head straight to your tub for an authentic alpine experience!

Soothe a sniffle 🤧

If you’re struggling with a pesky cold, your hot tub could be your saviour! Try adding some Dream Scents Spearmint & Eucalyptus aromatherapy for soothing relief from blocked sinuses and chesty coughs. The rising steam will give you some much-needed comfort when you’re under the weather. Couple with a soothing hot lemon and honey drink for the ultimate remedy.

Organise a gathering 🎉

There’s nothing quite like the company of good friends or family to give you a boost when you’re suffering from the winter blues. Invite the gang round for some comfort food and a dip in the tub for some therapy.

Work it out 🏊‍♀‍

During winter, it’s easy to become sluggish and lethargic when it comes to exercise. Finding motivation when all you want to do is snuggle under the duvet is a challenge! There’s no need to feel that way if you have a swim spa though. The warm water will lure you in whatever the weather, ensuring you continue to keep fit and active during the winter season. You may need it after all that comfort food!

Be kind to yourself ❤

If you don’t have a hot tub, why not book yourself a spa day? Or contact us for wet test and see how amazing our tubs are! Contact us for more information and banish those winter blues!

hydropool swim spa

5 Benefits of a Hydropool Swim Spa

You’ll reap so many benefits from using a Hydropool Swim Spa. Here are just a few of our favourites…

1. Designed with Aqua Fitness in mind

A Hydropool swim spa is suitable for all ages and standards of swimmer. However, for the fitness fanatic, the versatility of your workout in a swim spa is second to none. Where else do you remove the need to turn, increase resistance, or use tethers to work targeted parts of the body in the water? Certainly not in your average swimming pool!

You can convert your swim spa into your very own gym. No more membership fees! Exercise when you want in the privacy of your own home or garden. A swim spa has aqua fitness step built into the shell, the option of adding bars or use water dumbbells and resistance bands to increase the intensity of your workout.
You’ll find that by using a Hydropool swim spa, you’ll increase the number of calories burned and strengthen your core muscles. By swimming regularly, you will discover that your flexibility gradually increases which will spur you on to use the swim spa regularly and maintain fitness for life.

2. Revive tired muscles

After a workout, there’s nothing quite like a soothing warm soak to rejuvenate tired muscles. The hydrotherapy seats at the top end of your spa take care of all those niggles, aches and pains. The Hydropool 19DTfX is our largest swim spa model, even has an integrated hot tub to delivers the ultimate spa and fitness centre in one.

3. Boost your immune system

A combination of exercise, sweating and targeted massage jets will give your immune system a much-needed boost. Exercise causes changes in your antibodies and white blood cells, moving them round the body to fight infections. Exercise also causes your overall body temperature to rise, which helps fight any infections from taking hold.

4. Stress relief

Exercise has been proven to help with stress relief. Our bodies are designed to move around, and there’s no better whole-body workout than swimming. You’re guaranteed to have forgotten the days woes after a relaxing or rejuvenating swim in the swim spa. Reducing stress hormones keeps you healthier. Plus, a Hydropool swim spa is so luxurious, it won’t feel like you’re exercising!

5. Hydropool Swim Spa patented technology

Hydropool have been refining and developing their technology for over two decades to provide you with the perfect swim. Today, balanced hydraulics, along with increased depth and width for maximum water volume fully enhances the comfort of your swim.

The patented ‘Swim Fin’ technology lessens turbulence by cutting the vortex emerging through the jets. The Aquachannel shape of the overall shell also helps with minimising backsplash that can result in a jerky swim. Hydropool’s fully adjustable current as well as interval training allows you to create a swim that’s tailored to your individual needs.

The power of the Self-Cleaning technology is sure to be the biggest benefit to you. With 100% of the water travelling through the filters every 45 minutes, you’re guaranteed crystal clear water with none of the hassle.

We’d love to show you first hand how great our swim spas are. Why not come down and visit our Hydropool Swim Spa Showroom or book a wet test to try one out for yourself?

rounding up our tubs

We’ve rounded up our tubs!

Summer is here. We’ve dusted off the wellies and rounded up our best hot tubs in preparation for the 161st Great Yorkshire Show!

Held annually in Harrogate, it’s the biggest event in the agricultural calendar, spanning a full three days.

As in previous years, the event brings together the very best in British farming and food as well as local businesses and entertainment.

All the traditional judging will be happening, as well as a catwalk, art installations, music, entertainment, cookery demonstrations and motorbike stunt riding. It’s set to be a fantastic show!

The Great Yorkshire Show is one of our favourite events of the year and this is YHT’s 9th year exhibiting! We look forward to showcasing the very best of our range to you. We’ve already safely delivered 4 of our luxury hot tubs, with 2 fully operational and one filled swim spa in preparation for the event.

We also look forward to welcoming our favourite young professional Yorkshire swimmer to show you just how amazing swimming in a swim spa can be. On Tuesday and Thursday our demonstrator will be jumping in the spa and testing her limits against the jets! Stay tuned on Facebook for live streaming.

They’ll also be some amazing free prizes for anyone who purchases a hot tub or swim spa at the show!

As in previous years, we will be located in Hall B on Stand 632 right next to the Yorkshire Café. We’d would love you to come and say hello, have a chat and witness our luxury hot tubs and swim spas in action.

This year’s dates are Tuesday 9th July until Thursday 11th July 2019 at the Great Yorkshire Showground. Check out the Great Yorkshire Show website for travel information and tickets.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Swimming facts

Swimming Facts – what we ❤ about swimming

Why is swimming so good for your body?

We think it’s the best form of exercise, especially if you use a swim spa. Here are a few interesting swimming facts for you.

Feel the Burn

Swimming is a great workout for burning calories. 🏊‍♀️ An energetic swim gets your heart rate up, giving you a fantastic workout. One of the main surprising swimming facts is that this form of exercise can burn more calories than running or cycling the same distance!

Low Impact

Swimming offers a good overall restorative therapy for recovering after a sports injury, or operation. Hydrotherapy exercises are often recommended to patients as swimming exerts little or no pressure on joints yet still works the muscles. Many recovering patients relish the feeling of weightlessness in the water and enjoy exercising gently without fear of further injury.

Cardio Workout

With a swim spa, the uninterrupted swim means you spend zero time turning. You work your body harder. With a swim spa you set the pace, adjusting and building up your workout as you get progressively stronger. You can still practice all your usual strokes in a swim spa, as even the smallest model, the Hydropool 12fx gives you enough room to swim comfortably.

Working every Muscle

When you swim, you use practically every muscle in the body. 💪 This makes it one of the best all round body workouts. Try swim spa swimming for a more intense workout against targeted jets and truly test your limits. Vary your workout with a mix of cross training, using the steps, treadmill and swimming against the jets. Swimming also helps build capacity in your lungs and heart, increasing overall body strength and fitness levels to keep you in tip top health.

Swimming Improves your Sleep

If you need a little help drifting off at night time, then why not try an evening swim to tire out your muscles before heading to bed? It’s no secret that regular exercise is good for your overall fitness, but it can also improve your sleep quality, meaning you wake up more refreshed. Just half an hour in the pool a day can really make a difference, toning your muscles, gently working your joints and keeping your fitness levels strong.

Did you know?

One of our favourite swimming facts is that the first swimming googles were made from tortoise shells. 🐢Thankfully, the first plastic goggles were made in the 1930’s and were much more comfortable!

The oldest stroke

The oldest swimming stroke known to man is breaststroke. Carvings have been found of the Ancient Egyptians swimming that date back to 2500BC.

The fastest Stroke

Front crawl is the favoured choice for athletes due to its speed.

The most complicated stroke

Butterfly. Mastering the combination of simultaneously moving the arms and the dolphin kick in the legs requires strong muscles, technique and a good level of fitness! Created at the beginning of the 20th century, this tricky stroke is based on breaststroke evolved by studying how fish move their tails to increase speed.

Water volumes

An Olympic swimming pool is 50 metres in length and holds 2.5 million litres of water! 💧 Alternatively, our largest swim spa – the Hydropool 19DTfx is 574cm in length and holds 7,857 litres.

Think you don’t sweat?

Think again. Gross we know, but you do still sweat in the water as your core body temperature rises as with any exercise. It’s just not noticeable as you’re already wet!

If you’d like to know more about swim spas or you’re looking to buy, why not book a wet test and try one out for yourself? Contact us for more information.

best nights sleep

How to have the best nights sleep ever

Struggle to drift off in the evening?

Wake up in the early hours and can’t get back to sleep? Or lie awake all night worrying?

These are all common problems that most of us suffer from time to time.

If you need a little help to switch off, we have some great suggestions for you to try to get the best nights sleep.


If you regularly vary your bedtime, stay up late or have trouble getting into a bedtime routine then why not try these tips to help you?

  • Herbal tea such as camomile can help you drift off before you go to sleep, or you could try a glass of warm milk to help stimulate sleep-inducing serotonin levels.
  • A regular bedtime and wake up time is also a good habit to get into, with your body soon getting into the rhythm and eventually allowing you to wake up naturally.
  • Try reading a book in bed to help focus your mind away from the days events and allow your brain to start shutting down. Just make sure it’s not too scary or thrilling or it could have the opposite effect!

Get Some Exercise

One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to exercise regularly. Even a brisk 30-minute lunchtime walk to get your heart beating will help promote good sleep. Better still, why not try swimming? One of the best forms of exercise, with limited impact on your joints, swimming for 30 minutes gets your heart beating and all your major muscle groups working. If you’ve not seen our amazing range of swim spas, then take a look. Exercising in a swim spa offers an adjustable workout against a current, and you can tailor the speed to your exact ability. They also come with a range of extras including tethers to create an aquatic gym experience. With a range of sizes available to fit the smallest of spaces. Plus, there’s no need to hike down to your local pool or gym! Read more about buying a swim spas here.

Have an early dinner

It’s also recommended that avoiding eating too late allows your body to digest your evening meal. Eating a smaller dinner could assist with weight loss, with the body working less hard to process a meal later into the day. Eating late into the night can lead to indigestion and blood sugar levels to rise in the early hours, affecting your ability to stay asleep during the night.

Immerse yourself in water

Many of us enjoy a nice soothing bubble bath before bed to help us sleep. The warm, soothing water, and the aroma of the bubbles relaxing our muscles and giving our mind time to wind down after a hard day. Immersion in warm water raises the body temperature then when it returns to normal you become sleepy.
If you love to enjoy a bath, why not try a hot tub to help you unwind? The bonus of a hot tub is the moulded and varied seating depths, targeted jets angled at all your major muscle groups and the bubbles to simple melt away any tensions you may have. Owning your very own hot tub couldn’t be easier, with our range of finance options to choose from. Hot tubs also come in a range of styles and sizes to suit any requirements. Plus, with all the hot tub upgrades such as gazebos, LED lighting, surround sound music systems, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy you can be sure of the perfect way to wind down and drift off into dreamland.

Ditch the Tech

Finally, could your device be the cause of your sleep issues? Numerous studies have shown that exposing yourself to the blue light emitted by a smartphone or tablet before bed can have a negative effect on your sleep quality. Consider turning your phone off a couple of hours before bed, and leaving it in a different room to the one you sleep in. Give your eyes a break from screen time and try reading a book before bed instead to gently wind down.

If you long for the best nights sleep and would like to find out more about our fantastic range of hot tubs or swim spas simply visit our website or contact our friendly team for more information.

Love Hydropool

Reasons to love your Hydropool Hot Tub

Take a look at YHT’s top 5 reasons to love your Hydropool hot tub or swim spa.

If you’re the proud owner of a Hydropool hot tub or swim spa, you’ll already be enjoying the many benefits of owning such a great product. If not, see why you’re missing out on these main benefits!

Feel like you’re on holiday 365 days a year

It’s impossible not to notice the superior quality and luxury when you step into a Hydropool hot tub. The craftmanship, additional luxury features such as lights and waterfalls, not to mention market leading technology means you’re guaranteed indulgence all year round.

Create your very own oasis from the comfort of your back garden by adding features such as a gazebo, decking, planters and lighting. Treat yourself to some much-needed me time, or even re-create that authentic spa experience at home with hot tub aromatherapy. Why not host a gathering and rekindle relationships by inviting your friends over for a dip?

Reconnect with some family time

Life is busy. A combination of long hours at work, social commitments or maintaining a home means it’s a struggle for some of us to find time for quality family time together. A hot tub gives you a great excuse! You’re guaranteed to entice the whole family into spending time with each other. Even the moodiest of teenagers can’t resist the luxury of bubbles and jets! It’s valuable time away from screens and the TV to connect with each other, talk about your day and build a lasting bond.

Sleep like a baby

There’s nothing quite like a soothing hot bath to allow you to drift off into dreamland. A hot tub provides you with double the benefits of a regular bath thanks to the addition of targeted jets, comfortable pillows and varying seat depths. Why not try aromatherapy products to aid improved sleep? Bathing in warm water also lets your muscles fully relax to ease any pain you may be experiencing. The heat also encourages your brain to release endorphins (the feel-good hormone) helping you relax away those worries from the day.

Soothe niggling aches and pains

In pain from a recent workout? Have an ongoing back problem? If so, a daily soak in your hot tub could be just what you need to ease your discomfort. Hot water helps muscles to relax to ease spasming, with the natural buoyancy experienced through water immersion allowing you to feel weightless and take the pressure off your whole body.

Maintenance is a breeze

In case you don’t already know, Hydropool’s patented Self-Cleaning technology cleanses the water in your hot tub every 15 minutes, assuring you of 100% clean water every time you use your tub. You spend less time on maintenance, and create more time for what matters.

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub or swim spa, then we’d love to see you. Come on down to our Ilkley showroom and experience the luxury for yourself. We guarantee you’ll fall in love!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Prepare your hot tub for winter

How to prepare your hot tub for winter

Looking for advice on the best way to prepare your hot tub for winter?

If last season’s winter was anything to go by, there’ll be another harsh, cold and drawn out winter ahead with snow and sub-zero temperatures in the forecast. We’re hoping the Beast from the East doesn’t make another appearance but who knows, we may have to prep for another cold one!

We can imagine you’ve enjoyed your hot tub or swim spa all summer long.

It’s served you well through the long warm summer evenings you’ve had fun soaking up the rays in the sunshine. But as autumn is fully in swing and the weathers on the change, how do you know whether your hot tub is fit for the winter ahead?

Tis the season best for tubbing!

The combination of steam rising from the hot water and the frost in the air offers a great sense of wellbeing, providing numerous benefits for body and mind.
So hot tubbers, don’t even think about closing it down for the season! Protect the longevity of your hot tub before the weather worsens and take some time to prepare your hot tub for winter. Have a read of our simple maintenance steps and keep your tub functioning to optimum levels the whole winter long.

How to prepare your hot tub for winter

• Do a full water change before the weather turns and it’s too cold for you to be outside!
• You may wish to increase the water temperature in cooler times
• Ensure all vents are closed to keep the warmth inside the cabinet
• Check your cover for signs of wear and tear – a properly fitting cover with no cracks or tears will keep the heat in and running costs down. Remember to check all straps and buckles so that the seal is effective as possible from winds.

Ongoing Winter Tips

• During winter, keep an eye on the level of the water. If levels become too low the pumps/pipes could start freezing causing extensive damage.
• If we are lucky to have snowfall this winter then ensure you brush off any snow from the top of the cover, and clear surrounding paths, gritting as necessary.
• Keep an eye on water chemistry levels as you usually would.

Built to last

As all Hydropool products are Canadian made, they’re built to withstand the harshest of conditions. If you’re not confident about how to prepare your hot tub for winter and would like our experts to fully check over your hot tub for winter, then please contact us. Better still, sign up to our Annual Servicing Package including preparation for summer and winter. Sit back and relax in the knowledge we have your hot tub fully maintained all year long.