9 person hot tubs

Our largest hot tub for those who want it all. The biggest and the best, our 8 – 9 person hot tub has it all. Space for everyone and zoned jets for maximum hydrotherapy

  • Hydropool 970

    9 Person Hot Tub

    Hydropool 970

    Self-Cleaning Hot Tub
    The world’s easiest hot tub to maintain: Our patented self cleaning system uses state of the art technology to cleanse 100% of the water every 15 minutes. The innovative seating design and jet positioning allows the continuous flow of water to aid filtration.

    Exceptionally spacious, with hydrotherapy jetting system and seating 9 people

More about our 9 person hot tubs

Our 9 person hot tub is the Hydropool 970 Self-Cleaning model. Comfortable enough to accommodate 9 – 10 adults this is the largest hot tub in the Hydropool range, giving you the space to relax or socialise. Perfect for the larger garden or for the whole extended family to enjoy, the Hydropool 970 has all the features you could ever want in a hot tub; including 70 high volume hydrotherapy jets, a Muskoka style chair and 8 other seats options to choose from. With the ultimate in leg room and complete zoned jetting to target all your muscle grounds, this hot tub is certain to give you the best balanced and rejuvenating spa experience. A luxurious addition to your garden or indoor pool area.