Are hot tubs safe?

Are hot tubs safe

Here’s how to have fun and keep safe at the same time.

As you know, we love a quick dip in a hot tub (Hydropool branded ones only of course)! We want you to enjoy bathing in a hot tub and we’re committed to ensuring that you stay safe too.

So how can you ensure your hot tub is safe? You’ve probably read horrifying stories covering all manner of rashes, infections and dangers that can arise through improper use. Thankfully, it’s basic common-sense practices that ensure that your hot tub is safe and bacteria free.

Here’s all you need to know…

Have a shower

You know the ‘shower before you enter’ signs at the swimming pool? They’re not being rude and suggesting you suffer from poor hygiene! Having a quick rinse rids your body of surface germs and bacteria that jump on and hitch hike with you throughout the day. Showering before bathing is a quick and positive step to preventing germs entering your hot tub and a good message to heed home.

Infections, rashes and bacteria

We don’t want to raise unnecessary alarm bells or send you running for the moors, but a warm environment without the proper care is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Microbes can develop swiftly in the heat and spread rapidly to bathers. Hot tub rash (folliculitis), shigellosis, E-coli, cryptosporidium and Legionnaires disease are all nasties that can develop in a hot tub and cause serious issues, especially to more vulnerable users. Thankfully, it’s very simple to keep bacteria out of your hot tub and eradicate any danger of illness by ensuring it’s kept clean, making sure your hot tub is safe.

Looking after your hot tub is easy. Depending how much you use it, inspecting your hot tub just a couple of times a week will prevent any unpleasant microbes from developing. Also remember that the water in hot tub will need draining and replacing every so often. The frequency of this depends on the quality of the filtration system on the tub… it differs massively from brand to brand so be sure to ask if you haven’t yet bought your tub. Visit our hot tub buying mistakes page to discover more.

Yorkshire Hot Tubs also offers a variety of service packages to thoroughly clean all parts of your hot tub. Contact us for more information.

Prevent overheating by keeping the temperature of your hot tub sensible. 38 degrees Celsius is the recommended temperature, but we all know that in winter, you may prefer to crank it up. Help avoid the feeling of dizziness and dehydration by staying in for short periods and keeping well hydrated throughout. It’s also recommended that you avoid bathing in a hot tub immediately before bed to allow your body temperature time to decrease prior to settling down.

Keep a close eye on the kids

Children love the experience of being in a hot tub. That’s why the number one reason people buy hot tubs is to increase the quantity and quality of family time! However, it’s essential that kids are fully supervised during hot tub bathing to avoid the danger of drowning. Also keep an eye on how long they spend splashing around to avoid overheating.

Watch your step!

Water is slippery. Thousands of us end up at A&E with an injury after losing our footing. Take care and invest in a good set of hot tub steps if your tub is installed above ground. It’s also a great idea to keep a pair of flip flops out for going to and from the house.

If you’re still looking for your perfect hot tub and would like some advice on what’s right for you, please contact our friendly team. We’d love to hear from you.