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We give you a deeper insight into the world of swim spas, including product advice, swimming techniques, water aerobics and how to make the most of your swim spa. Our swim spa blogs give you practical advice on how to use your Hydropool product safely as well as tips on how to gain the most enjoyment of your swim spa, both for health and for exercise.

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5 Benefits of a Hydropool Swim Spa

You’ll reap so many benefits from using a Hydropool Swim Spa. Here are just a few of our favourites…

1. Designed with Aqua Fitness in mind

A Hydropool swim spa is suitable for all ages and standards of swimmer. However, for the fitness fanatic, the versatility of your workout in a swim spa is second to none. Where else do you remove the need to turn, increase resistance, or use tethers to work targeted parts of the body in the water? Certainly not in your average swimming pool!

You can convert your swim spa into your very own gym. No more membership fees! Exercise when you want in the privacy of your own home or garden. A swim spa has aqua fitness step built into the shell, the option of adding bars or use water dumbbells and resistance bands to increase the intensity of your workout.
You’ll find that by using a Hydropool swim spa, you’ll increase the number of calories burned and strengthen your core muscles. By swimming regularly, you will discover that your flexibility gradually increases which will spur you on to use the swim spa regularly and maintain fitness for life.

2. Revive tired muscles

After a workout, there’s nothing quite like a soothing warm soak to rejuvenate tired muscles. The hydrotherapy seats at the top end of your spa take care of all those niggles, aches and pains. The Hydropool 19DTfX is our largest swim spa model, even has an integrated hot tub to delivers the ultimate spa and fitness centre in one.

3. Boost your immune system

A combination of exercise, sweating and targeted massage jets will give your immune system a much-needed boost. Exercise causes changes in your antibodies and white blood cells, moving them round the body to fight infections. Exercise also causes your overall body temperature to rise, which helps fight any infections from taking hold.

4. Stress relief

Exercise has been proven to help with stress relief. Our bodies are designed to move around, and there’s no better whole-body workout than swimming. You’re guaranteed to have forgotten the days woes after a relaxing or rejuvenating swim in the swim spa. Reducing stress hormones keeps you healthier. Plus, a Hydropool swim spa is so luxurious, it won’t feel like you’re exercising!

5. Hydropool Swim Spa patented technology

Hydropool have been refining and developing their technology for over two decades to provide you with the perfect swim. Today, balanced hydraulics, along with increased depth and width for maximum water volume fully enhances the comfort of your swim.

The patented ‘Swim Fin’ technology lessens turbulence by cutting the vortex emerging through the jets. The Aquachannel shape of the overall shell also helps with minimising backsplash that can result in a jerky swim. Hydropool’s fully adjustable current as well as interval training allows you to create a swim that’s tailored to your individual needs.

The power of the Self-Cleaning technology is sure to be the biggest benefit to you. With 100% of the water travelling through the filters every 45 minutes, you’re guaranteed crystal clear water with none of the hassle.

We’d love to show you first hand how great our swim spas are. Why not come down and visit our Hydropool Swim Spa Showroom or book a wet test to try one out for yourself?

Swimming facts

Swimming Facts – what we ❤ about swimming

Why is swimming so good for your body?

We think it’s the best form of exercise, especially if you use a swim spa. Here are a few interesting swimming facts for you.

Feel the Burn

Swimming is a great workout for burning calories. 🏊‍♀️ An energetic swim gets your heart rate up, giving you a fantastic workout. One of the main surprising swimming facts is that this form of exercise can burn more calories than running or cycling the same distance!

Low Impact

Swimming offers a good overall restorative therapy for recovering after a sports injury, or operation. Hydrotherapy exercises are often recommended to patients as swimming exerts little or no pressure on joints yet still works the muscles. Many recovering patients relish the feeling of weightlessness in the water and enjoy exercising gently without fear of further injury.

Cardio Workout

With a swim spa, the uninterrupted swim means you spend zero time turning. You work your body harder. With a swim spa you set the pace, adjusting and building up your workout as you get progressively stronger. You can still practice all your usual strokes in a swim spa, as even the smallest model, the Hydropool 12fx gives you enough room to swim comfortably.

Working every Muscle

When you swim, you use practically every muscle in the body. 💪 This makes it one of the best all round body workouts. Try swim spa swimming for a more intense workout against targeted jets and truly test your limits. Vary your workout with a mix of cross training, using the steps, treadmill and swimming against the jets. Swimming also helps build capacity in your lungs and heart, increasing overall body strength and fitness levels to keep you in tip top health.

Swimming Improves your Sleep

If you need a little help drifting off at night time, then why not try an evening swim to tire out your muscles before heading to bed? It’s no secret that regular exercise is good for your overall fitness, but it can also improve your sleep quality, meaning you wake up more refreshed. Just half an hour in the pool a day can really make a difference, toning your muscles, gently working your joints and keeping your fitness levels strong.

Did you know?

One of our favourite swimming facts is that the first swimming googles were made from tortoise shells. 🐢Thankfully, the first plastic goggles were made in the 1930’s and were much more comfortable!

The oldest stroke

The oldest swimming stroke known to man is breaststroke. Carvings have been found of the Ancient Egyptians swimming that date back to 2500BC.

The fastest Stroke

Front crawl is the favoured choice for athletes due to its speed.

The most complicated stroke

Butterfly. Mastering the combination of simultaneously moving the arms and the dolphin kick in the legs requires strong muscles, technique and a good level of fitness! Created at the beginning of the 20th century, this tricky stroke is based on breaststroke evolved by studying how fish move their tails to increase speed.

Water volumes

An Olympic swimming pool is 50 metres in length and holds 2.5 million litres of water! 💧 Alternatively, our largest swim spa – the Hydropool 19DTfx is 574cm in length and holds 7,857 litres.

Think you don’t sweat?

Think again. Gross we know, but you do still sweat in the water as your core body temperature rises as with any exercise. It’s just not noticeable as you’re already wet!

If you’d like to know more about swim spas or you’re looking to buy, why not book a wet test and try one out for yourself? Contact us for more information.

swim spa installation

The perfect spot for your swim spa

Looking for the perfect position for your new swim spa?

Are you thinking of buying a swim spa? If so, the chances are you’ve already thought about where it will be positioned.The swim spa installation process is as important as the product you decide to buy. If you’re still undecided on its final resting place, here are a few useful tricks from the trade to help you.

Sunken or above ground?

Did you know it’s possible to fully sink your swim spa into the ground? It’s a great option if you struggle with steps or simply want to enjoy the luxury of stepping down into your pool. If this isn’t possible in your desired location (due to mains pipes for example), perhaps consider a half sunken tub? There are so many options available and the use of decking and gazebos can really complete the aesthetics.

A secure base

Whether you decide to install your hot tub above or below ground, it’s essential that a concrete base is prepared and laid to hold the weight of the spa and water contained in it. Our biggest swim spa, the Hydropool 19ex, weighs in at over 10 tonnes when full!
Swim spas hold thousands of litres of water and the last thing you want is your base cracking due to the weight. Laying the foundations will ensure you can use your swim spa worry free.


You’ll also need to consider access to electrics and ensure a qualified electrician has wired in an outside plug with the correct amperage. If you’re buying a swim spa from us, we can recommend a very good local electrician who’s familiar with our products, or you can use your own favoured professional.

Indoor or outdoor?

If you think you’ll be using your swim spa all year round, then why not consider positioning it indoors? We battle against the elements here in Yorkshire and this year’s heatwave aside, the main issue is rain. The last thing you want is to be prevented from using your brand-new swim spa because of the weather. Why not consider an attractive swim spa enclosure or gazebo to protect it? There are a great range of options, sizes and styles available.

All our swim spas are Canadian built and can withstand the hardest of winter conditions. They are perfectly suitable to live outdoors with the best Nasa inspired insulation in the market… Discover more about the benefits of Hydropool hot tubs here. If you’re planning to situate your swim spa outdoors, then consider positioning it close to a back door to avoid a long dash across the garden in a towel. The prevailing wind direction is also a consideration, so think about a screen or trellis to grow climbing plants to help naturally shield you from any chilly breezes.

A beautiful view

It’s essential to consider what you’ll be looking at when bathing. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful view from your garden, then make the most of it! Equally important is whether you’ll be overlooked by neighbours when swimming. Why not consider a screen, fence or pergola to help maintain some privacy? You could also think about planting shrubs or trees to provide some natural screening.

Our installation team can deliver your swim spa to pretty much anywhere you want – through sheer Yorkshire determination, there hasn’t been an install yet that we haven’t been able to fulfil! You can find out more about our swim spa installation service here. And if you would like to talk through installation options or fancy a site survey to formulate a plan, please get in touch today.

Swimming Workout

A swimming workout that’s not just for fitness fanatics

Looking for a workout that’s high energy, low impact?

It’s widely known that swimming is a great form of exercise. It is a great to help get you in shape and stay in shape. And it’s enjoyable too! Gliding weightlessly through the water offers a long list of health benefits in addition to giving you a great swimming workout.

When you swim, you move your whole body. Swimming not only helps you tone up, it provides a great workout which gets your heart going with minimal impact. Swimming helps to improve both your strength and endurance.

Here are some of the other many hidden benefits of swimming:

• Lower your blood cholesterol and blood sugar
• Expand your lung capacity through holding your breath underwater
• Improve your mental health benefits with the repetitive motion and weightlessness
• Reducing your stress levels
• Get a better night’s kip

Our range of swim spas, available to see and try in our Ilkley Swim Spa Showroom, offer you a convenient and private way of enjoying the benefits or swimming in the privacy of your own home. But there is more to swim spas that first meets the eye. Read on to discover more….

Benefits of swim spa swimming

Swim spas give you the flexibility to adjust the swim current depending on your strength, experience and ability. So, whether you’re a novice or a pro, the powerful jets can be easily adapted to your level. As you improve, you can gradually increase the jet speed to continually up your game. And there’s another bonus you may not have thought about too; no turning! Swimming against the current removes the need to turn creating a completely uninterrupted swimming experience.

Simple swimming workouts to try in your new swim spa

You may be surprised to hear that swimming for 1 hour burns almost as many calories as running! The main advantage that swimming has over running is that it is very low impact, reducing strain on your muscles and joints yet providing the same cardiovascular benefits.

But there’s more you can do in a swim spa than just swim:

Resistance training – A perfect swimming workout for a complete upper and lower body workout. The idea is that you exercise against the powerful current, varying the speed dependent on how much of a workout you want. The resistance and weight of the water allows your muscles to enjoy a similar workout to that of lifting weights, but without the strain on your muscles or joints.

Core Exercises – Also achievable in a hot tub, you can perform great core exercises such as abdominal crunches against the water to work your core muscles, improving overall body strength and balance.

Running – Yes, running in a swim spa! Water is denser than air. Running in water gives your muscles a deeper workout than running outside or in the gym, and without the impact. Add aqua dumbbells for a more intense workout.

Swimming – simply swimming against the current with a variety of different strokes, breaststroke, backstroke, crawl or even butterfly. Adjust the current to suit your needs and feel the true benefits of a swimming workout.

Suitable for all ages

It’s never to early or late to feel the benefits of swimming and immersing yourself in water. Most children adore being in the water. Our range of swim spas offer a great way for families to spend more time together. The low impact on joints makes it perfect for those recovering from an injury to get back to full strength.

Swim Spas are fantastic products. If you’ve never had the opportunity to try one, we’d really recommend it. We’re more than happy for you to pop down and try out one of ours, so why not book a wet test at our swim spa showroom today?