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prepare hot tub for summer

Prepare your hot tub for summer 🌞

Ok, so recently it’s been a bit of a washout, but here at YHT HQ we’re getting excited about a long summer of hot tubbing ahead!

You may have already scrubbed the BBQ, swept the patio and dusted off the sun lounger but may not have thought you have to prepare your hot tub for summer.

Luckily there are a few simple tasks you can perform that will ensure zero down-time this season. You can sit back and look forward to a full summer of interrupted bathing.

Spick and span

The most obvious way can prepare your hot tub for summer is to give it a good spring clean. A great way to start is by completely draining your tub. If it’s been a while then an intensive pipe flush such as our EzSysytem Flush is a great idea. Give the shell a good wipe with a non-bleach all-purpose solution. You can then concentrate on the filter. Remove and soak in a solution or for best results, use Instant filter Nu. If the filter has seen better days, then ensure you call us to order an approved replacement.

Adding the correct amount of chemicals and allowing the tub to come up to temperature is the next step. Once it’s up to the optimum temperature, your tub will be fully sanitised and ready for the summer season ahead. As always, if you need any advice on which chemicals to use, then please contact our team for some helpful advice.

And if it sounds like too much hard work why not book a service from us by one of our lovely engineers Nick and Mark who will do it all for you! Just call the showroom to book.

What’s the damage?

During a cold winter your hot tub experiences hidden stresses and strains behind the cabinetry. Regularly checking the interior is a vital part of hot tub ownership. Any signs of damage to the parts need to be identified swiftly to preserve the overall longevity of your tub. Carry out visuals of the seals, pipes and shell to check if any cracks have appeared. Replace any parts as necessary. We handle services and repairs of many hot tub brands, so contact our technicians to carry out a full inspection of your tub if you’re concerned.

Cover check

When the weather is warm your hot tub won’t use as much energy to keep the temperature consistent. You’ll still need to periodically check your hot tub cover is in good condition though.

  • Check and clean the vinyl top and underside with a non-bleach cleaning solution
  • Check for damage or cracks to the vinyl underside
  • Ensure all clips are functioning properly creating an effective seal.

Cool it

On really hot summer days you’ll be searching for ways to cool down. For a refreshing dip, you may want to reduce the temperature of your hot tub. Bathing in a 40 degree tub when it’s already hot outside will leave you dehydrated and uncomfortable. No-one wants to exit a hot tub looking like a lobster! A cool 37 degrees will be enough to invigorate you. If you’re feeling brave you could even turn it down lower than body temperature for total refreshment.

Remember to enjoy your hot tub in short bursts during summer and stay hydrated by keeping a nice cool drink in your ice bucket. Turning down the temperature of your hot tub in summer when the ambient heat is higher will save energy too, meaning a more efficient hot tub.

If you’d like some assistance to ensure your hot tub looks ship-shape for summer, then give us a call. We’ll carry out a full service, drain, fill and chemical top-up to save you the hassle.

hot tub in winter

5 great reasons to use your hot tub in winter

It may be chilly outside, but here are a few reasons why using your hot tub in winter is the best!

Let us set the scene – The snow has fallen, the sky is dark, the stars are out, and the Yorkshire air is crisp and pure. You take the cover off the tub and the steam rises. One more step to pure bliss!

What better way to enjoy your hot tub than in the cold of winter, when let’s face it, the nights are long and dark and we’re all in need of a little pick-me-up. Soothe away your tensions, aches and colds, and turn your garden into something you can enjoy 365 days a year. Our range of hot tubs are insulated with NASA-inspired Triple Thermal Shield Technology, so the cost of running your hot tub in winter is nowhere near as much as you would expect. Discover more about Hydropool hot tub benefits here or read on about the benefits of hot tubs in winter below.

Banish your winter sniffles

As winter begins, the cold sets in and so do the germs. We all suffer from annoying colds and even flu in the winter time. What better way to air your sinuses than to inhale steam from a hot tub? Breathing in steam is one of the most natural ways to banish a cold. You could even add some eucalyptus aromatherapy from our Dream Scents range to help soothe your sniffles away.

Soothe your aches and pains

With the cold weather comes increased pain in the form of joint aches and arthritis. Ease inflammation and stiffness around your joints with the warm water and jets in a hot tub. The natural healing power of the water will provide welcome relief in the harshest of winters.

Defrost and keep toasty

You’ll probably want the temperature of your tub hotter than usual in the winter months. Turning it up to 40 degrees Celsius is a good temperature. The last thing you want is to be cold. Ensure you have a good insulated hot tub cover to avoid any heat escaping when not in use.

Make your garden a winter wonderland

Not purely reserved for the Christmas tree, why not try hanging twinkling fairy lights around your hot tub gazebo for a truly festive experience. Avoid the need to jump in and out in the cold weather with a floating spa bar packed with your favourite nibbles or drinks. Make sure you have a big fluffy bathrobe and slippers nearby to make the journey in and out of the tub more bearable! And finally, not one for the fainthearted; ever tried rolling in the snow straight from the tub? It’s strangely satisfying…!

Go out with a bang

Ditch the wellies, hats and mittens this year and keep cosy in your tub to watch the New Year fireworks. It’s the perfect way to celebrate in comfort and see in the new year raising a glass of fizz surrounded by warmth and luxury.

Diffuse the stresses and strains of Christmas

The run-up to Christmas is stressful; presents to buy, food to prepare, families and events to organise. Remember to take some time out at the end of the day, find a clear night and enjoy a spot of peaceful star gazing in your hot tub. You’re guaranteed to sleep better.
When the presents have been opened, the turkey and Christmas pud demolished, you can sit back and relax in your hot tub with family or friends. Hot tubbing is a great stress reliever, plus it calms down overexcited kids before bed!

We hope you’ve found our hints and tips on enjoying your hot tub in winter useful. If you’re not lucky enough to own one just yet and want to talk to someone in the know who can offer no nonsense Yorkshire advice, we’d welcome a call. You can get in touch via the contact us page or call into the hot tub showroom in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, to view our range of hot tubs and swim spas first hand.

hot tub cleaning

How do I clean my hot tub?

To enjoy your hot tub or swim spa to the maximum, it’s essential that you keep it clean.

No-one wants to be unnecessarily exposed to bacteria which can cause rashes and infections. So you may be asking, how do I clean my hot tub? If you follow some very easy and basic hot tub maintenance techniques, you can quickly eradicate any concern.

The good news is Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tubs and swim spas cleanse the water every 15 minutes and are the lowest maintenance tubs available in the market. However, you’ll still need to test the hot tub regularly and treat with chemicals.

Cleaning a hot tub doesn’t need to be a chore, in fact just a few minutes of simple maintenance each week is all it takes to keep your hot tub sparkling clean, safe and ready for everyone to enjoy.

Firstly, you need to ensure you have all the chemicals you need for testing and cleaning the tub. Armed with these, you’re ready to balance, shock and sanitise away!

Here’s an overview of the hot tub essential chemicals and what each do:

A chemical sanitiser – for disinfecting the spa water and to remove any build-up of bacteria. You can choose to use chlorine or bromine. Both work perfectly well, and the choice of which to use is simply personal preference. Bromine is available in tablets or powder, and chlorine is available in tablets or concentrate.

Non-Chlorine Oxy Shock – to eliminate cloudy or unpleasant water caused by waste build-up

pH testing strips – to test the pH levels of your water

Alkalinity Reducer – to reduce pH levels for a more comfortable bathe

pH Increaser – to raise pH levels and prevent damage to the tub

Scale Inhibitor – break down minerals and avoid deposit build-up

Filter cleaners – to remove dirt and grind collected by the filters

We recommend you check on your hot tub twice a week for signs of bacteria, algae or dirt build up. When needed, here’s how to clean your hot tub.

• Remove and soak your hot tub filter in a specialised solution, preferably overnight

• Remove and thoroughly wipe down the hot tub cover with a cleanser containing bleach

• Test the levels of chlorine or bromine with a test strip

• Top up with appropriate amount of chemicals

• Retest as necessary

• Shock the tub each week with a non-chlorine shock solution

• Test the pH level

• Balance pH levels by using an alkalinity reducer or pH increaser

By performing these simple steps, you can maintain optimum water chemistry, complete safety and a clean hot tub for all your bathers. For total peace of mind, why not take out one of our hot tub service contracts where our engineers will thoroughly test of all parts and components, drain, clean and re-fill your tub for you.

This is intended as a brief guide. During installation we give you thorough water chemistry demonstration. As always, if you have any questions, or are unsure what to purchase to clean your hot tub please contact us. Visit our online shop for all the chemicals you need.

hot tub in summer

Make the most of your hot tub in summer!

How can you ensure you use your hot tub in the hottest months of the year?

Given this year’s rare and ongoing heatwave, jumping from the heat of the sun into the heat of a hot tub may be the last thing you want to do!However, it would be a shame to leave your hot tub redundant and lonely this season. With the long hot summer continuing, why not embrace outdoor living, enjoy a BBQ with family and friends and still make the most of your hot tub in summer with these helpful tips.

Who knows, we may have to wait another 40 years for the next heatwave…

Cool mornings

Take a dip first thing before the heat of the day really begins. Make the most of the light mornings, it’s great way to invigorate your muscles before you head to work.

Relax as the sun sets

Equally as tempting as the morning soak, enjoy your hot tub as the sun is setting and the ambient temperature becomes cooler. A great way to wind down after a tough day and a soak help you drift off naturally.

Turn down the hot tub temperature

Whilst the perfect hot tub temperature is entirely your personal preference, turning it down a few notches in the summer will allow you to enjoy bathing in your hot tub in summer without the getting too hot and bothered. Set it a lower than body temperature (less than 37.5°C), especially if you’re using it in the heat of the day, and it will feel cooler and refreshing to touch. Not only will you feel invigorated, you’ll save a few pounds on your hot tub running costs over the summer too – bonus!

Know your limits

Why not try alternating between hot tubbing and a cool shower? 15 mins might be the maximum you can bear in the heat of the day, and this tactic will help to avoid spending too long in the tub at any one time. Enjoy short bursts in the tub to ensure you don’t dehydrate or spend too long in the sun (if you are using an outdoor hot tub with no sun canopy).

Sip cool drinks

An ice-cold drink or even your favourite beer can be just the ticket to complete your hot tub experience on a nice sunny Yorkshire afternoon. Don’t forget to use the inbuilt ice buckets (featured on all Hydropool tubs) to keep all your drinks nice and frosty.


Get the family or friends together for an afternoon BBQ or party. Who needs an excuse? Everyone will appreciate time spent together in the sunshine and will love a good excuse to bob round and take a dip in your hot tub.

We hope you’ve found our hints about how to use your hot tub in summer useful. If you’re not lucky enough to own one just yet and want to talk to someone in the know who can offer no nonsense Yorkshire advice, we’d welcome a call. You can get in touch via the contact us page on our site or call into the hot tub showroom in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, to see range of hot tubs and swim spas first hand.


What temperature should a hot tub be

What temperature should a hot tub be?

How hot do you like your hot tub?

What better way to relax away all the worries and strains of the day than by immersing yourself in the soothing warm water of a hot tub? But what temperature should a hot tub be? Just how hot is too hot?

We give you some practical advice on finding the hot tub temperature that’s perfect for you and your family.

For the vulnerable

It’s widely recognised that the elderly, pregnant women and those with heart conditions should consult a medical professional before using a hot tub. If it is safe, then the optimum temperature is around body temperature – 36 – 37 degrees C. For kids, a much lower temperature of 35C is advisable, as children are less able to regulate body temperature the same as adults.

Personal preference

Your hot tub factory settings will be at 38 degrees, but body temperature of 37 degrees is a generally good start for your hot tub. It’s regarded that women tend to like it slightly hotter at 38 – 39 degrees. This may be that women on the whole tend to feel the cold more than men. Men have a greater muscle mass than women and with muscle mass producing 25% of body heat it means more heat production.

And for your Swim Spa

As with a regular swimming pool, the temperature of your swim spa will be much lower than that of a hot tub. 27 degrees is about right for your pool as exercise generally increases your body temperature so you don’t want it too hot.

Weather Dependent

It’s common sense to set the temperature lower in the hot tub in summer when the weather is hotter. Many people enjoy their hot tubs all year round, and if using your hot tub in winter you can really experience how hot your tub is, seeing the steam rising! If the temperature drops below freezing you will need to increase the overall temperature to maintain optimum conditions. No-one wants to be cold in winter! It may be that you have to turn the temperature up to the maximum 40 degrees to keep it toasty.

Keep your hot tub temperature consistent. By turning the temp right down you may think you’re saving money but in reality, you’re making the hot tub work harder and putting strain on the pump and heater. Investing in a quality hot tub cover is essential to combat unnecessary heat loss as well as keeping debris out.

So in essence, it’s really up to you to discover the perfect hot tub temperature for your needs. Contact us to discuss all your hot tub options.

What chemicals do I need for a hot tub

What chemicals do I need for a hot tub?

Confused about what chemicals you need for your tub?

In order to maintain the quality and life of your hot tub, it’s imperative that you regularly inspect, clean and add chemical enhancers to ensure correct water chemistry.You’ve probably seen a lot of products out there, but asked yourself what chemicals do I need for a hot tub?

Even with our self clean models, simple testing daily can ensure your hot tub is safe and the water is crystal clear every time to step in. As the water is hot, it opens up the possibilities for bacteria to develop which can cause all sorts of irritations to bathers. Luckily it only takes a few minutes each week to maintain your tub.

A Balancing Act

Your hot tub needs the right balance of chemicals to kill bacteria and work effectively. There are a wide range of chemicals available for hot tubs and swim spas. What do you need?


The two main sanitisers are chlorine and bromine. Levels of sanitisers can be checked swiftly with a simple testing strip. Chlorine is the traditional element used to kill bugs in swimming pools, is slightly cheaper and highly effective at killing algae; whilst bromine performs spectacularly well at high temperatures, without giving off the gasses causing irritation that chlorine does. The choice is yours.

Oxy Shock & Enhance

In addition to bromine, shock and enhancers break down waste that cannot be filtered that is commonly found in the water. This waste can result in cloudy and unpleasant water, which no-one wants in their tub!

pH Levels

You’ll need to ensure the right pH balance in your hot tub. Between 7.2 and 7.8 is the optimum pH level; anything below or above means the water is too acidic or alkaline. Higher levels of either will cause problems including skin irritation to bathers or cloudy water. If the water is not within the advised range, then adding chemicals to stabilise the water is needed.

Calcium Hardness

Similarly if the water becomes too soft and without the right amount of calcium the water may draw other elements from the hot tub parts and cause corrosion. Too much calcium will result in cloudy water.

As chemicals are dangerous, we always give you a thorough demonstration on how to care for your hot tub, both during sale and once your hot tub is installed.

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions.


costs of running a hot tub

What are the hot tub running costs like?

When buying a hot tub, one of the first considerations is the costs of running a hot tub.

What impact will the ownership of a hot tub have on my electricity bill? What do I need to buy to keep it clean and maintained? How economical are they in reality?
Our blog gives you some practical tips on how to run a hot tub economically to ensure you do not incur unnecessary costs.

Excellent Filtration

There are so many models of hot tub to choose from today. Different sizes, specifications and prices which can make buying a hot tub confusing. By purchasing a self cleaning model you can sit back and know that the water is cleaned every 15 minutes for short bursts. This ensures that your filters are not operating as long as competitor models. You’re reassured of constantly filtered water which is energy saving too.

Check the Insulation

The pipes, cabinet and floor of your hot tub all need to be fully insulated to ensure that no heat escapes unnecessarily. Hydropool’s Thermal Shield blanket uses Nasa inspired insulation technology to keep your hot tub as cosy and energy efficient and as possible.

Invest in a Good Cover

After purchasing a quality hot tub with good insulation, the last thing you want to see is heat escaping from the lid draining your money. This is where a good hard cover is invaluable. Hydropool have produced a 4-inch-deep thermal hot tub and swim spa cover patented heat shield technology to maintain your hot tub temperature with minimal heat loss.

Energy Efficient

In the summer it’s easy to see that it’ll be cheaper to run your hot tub due to the ambient temperature. Your tub won’t have to work as hard to maintain heat. How much you’ll pay exactly will depend on your electricity provider and how well built your hot tub is. It’s worth remembering that cheaper models can cost more in electricity so become more expensive over time. The good news is that the average running costs for some of Hydropool’s Serenity models are just under £1 a day! Many models also allow you to save money by programming your hot tub into ‘sleep mode’ when you’re on holiday or not going to be using it for a while.

Size Matters

It makes sense to realise that the larger the hot tub, the more litres of water it will hold and more energy used to heat the increased volume. An average size hot tub will hold just under 1000 litres of water, but some of the larger models can hold almost double that! Take into account your water costs as the water does have to be replaced periodically.

Water Chemistry

Don’t forget to factor in the purchase of chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, balancers and pH level testing strips to your calculations when considering a hot tub. Luckily Yorkshire Hot Tubs supplies everything you need to keep your water perfectly clear, either on our online shop or in our showrooms.

Maintenance and Servicing

Having a good servicing contract for your hot tub is vital and will ensure its longevity. You should plan to have your tub fully serviced annually and be prepared to buy replacement parts such as pumps and filters as necessary. Maintaining the correct level of chemicals along with draining and refilling ever 8-12 weeks will help keep your hot tub working without any worries. Take a look at our great range of Service Contracts.

Contact us for more information about the costs of running a hot tub or to discuss your exact needs.