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We want you to stay safe whilst using a hot tub or swim spa. That’s why we give you practical news and advice on your health and wellbeing when using our luxury Hydropool products.
From advice on hot tub temperature, to how to use a tub aid better sleep, we provide you with all the latest insights. We let you know how to use your tub or spa for optimum health along with how use our products to become a fitter you.

Banish the winter blues

Banish those winter blues

As the nights are drawing in and we come closer to the shortest day of the year, many of us find that the lack of natural daylight, sniffles and miserable weather make us feel a bit down in the dumps.

There’s no reason to let this time of year get you down! We suggest some ways you can use a hot tub or swim spa to banish the blues and enjoy the small things that make this season great (besides rolling in the snow naked 😂)

Go out with a bang 🎆🎇

Create a night to remember by jumping in your hot tub on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy a free luxurious firework show from the comfort of your very own hot tub or swim spa!

Add some mood lighting ✨

Why not accept the short daytime and embrace the early darkness? Taking a dip in your hot tub at nightfall is both atmospheric and calming. Our range of hot tub lighting options create added ambience. You could even add some candles lanterns on your deck or hang fairy lights around your hot tub area to create ambience in the darkness.

Embrace the weather ❄

On particularly frosty mornings, there’s nothing quite like an invigorating hot tub to set you up for the day. Watching the steam rising and reacting with the cold air is strangely therapeutic. If we’re lucky enough for snowfall in the forecast this year, then head straight to your tub for an authentic alpine experience!

Soothe a sniffle 🤧

If you’re struggling with a pesky cold, your hot tub could be your saviour! Try adding some Dream Scents Spearmint & Eucalyptus aromatherapy for soothing relief from blocked sinuses and chesty coughs. The rising steam will give you some much-needed comfort when you’re under the weather. Couple with a soothing hot lemon and honey drink for the ultimate remedy.

Organise a gathering 🎉

There’s nothing quite like the company of good friends or family to give you a boost when you’re suffering from the winter blues. Invite the gang round for some comfort food and a dip in the tub for some therapy.

Work it out 🏊‍♀‍

During winter, it’s easy to become sluggish and lethargic when it comes to exercise. Finding motivation when all you want to do is snuggle under the duvet is a challenge! There’s no need to feel that way if you have a swim spa though. The warm water will lure you in whatever the weather, ensuring you continue to keep fit and active during the winter season. You may need it after all that comfort food!

Be kind to yourself ❤

If you don’t have a hot tub, why not book yourself a spa day? Or contact us for wet test and see how amazing our tubs are! Contact us for more information and banish those winter blues!

best nights sleep

How to have the best nights sleep ever

Struggle to drift off in the evening?

Wake up in the early hours and can’t get back to sleep? Or lie awake all night worrying?

These are all common problems that most of us suffer from time to time.

If you need a little help to switch off, we have some great suggestions for you to try to get the best nights sleep.


If you regularly vary your bedtime, stay up late or have trouble getting into a bedtime routine then why not try these tips to help you?

  • Herbal tea such as camomile can help you drift off before you go to sleep, or you could try a glass of warm milk to help stimulate sleep-inducing serotonin levels.
  • A regular bedtime and wake up time is also a good habit to get into, with your body soon getting into the rhythm and eventually allowing you to wake up naturally.
  • Try reading a book in bed to help focus your mind away from the days events and allow your brain to start shutting down. Just make sure it’s not too scary or thrilling or it could have the opposite effect!

Get Some Exercise

One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to exercise regularly. Even a brisk 30-minute lunchtime walk to get your heart beating will help promote good sleep. Better still, why not try swimming? One of the best forms of exercise, with limited impact on your joints, swimming for 30 minutes gets your heart beating and all your major muscle groups working. If you’ve not seen our amazing range of swim spas, then take a look. Exercising in a swim spa offers an adjustable workout against a current, and you can tailor the speed to your exact ability. They also come with a range of extras including tethers to create an aquatic gym experience. With a range of sizes available to fit the smallest of spaces. Plus, there’s no need to hike down to your local pool or gym! Read more about buying a swim spas here.

Have an early dinner

It’s also recommended that avoiding eating too late allows your body to digest your evening meal. Eating a smaller dinner could assist with weight loss, with the body working less hard to process a meal later into the day. Eating late into the night can lead to indigestion and blood sugar levels to rise in the early hours, affecting your ability to stay asleep during the night.

Immerse yourself in water

Many of us enjoy a nice soothing bubble bath before bed to help us sleep. The warm, soothing water, and the aroma of the bubbles relaxing our muscles and giving our mind time to wind down after a hard day. Immersion in warm water raises the body temperature then when it returns to normal you become sleepy.
If you love to enjoy a bath, why not try a hot tub to help you unwind? The bonus of a hot tub is the moulded and varied seating depths, targeted jets angled at all your major muscle groups and the bubbles to simple melt away any tensions you may have. Owning your very own hot tub couldn’t be easier, with our range of finance options to choose from. Hot tubs also come in a range of styles and sizes to suit any requirements. Plus, with all the hot tub upgrades such as gazebos, LED lighting, surround sound music systems, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy you can be sure of the perfect way to wind down and drift off into dreamland.

Ditch the Tech

Finally, could your device be the cause of your sleep issues? Numerous studies have shown that exposing yourself to the blue light emitted by a smartphone or tablet before bed can have a negative effect on your sleep quality. Consider turning your phone off a couple of hours before bed, and leaving it in a different room to the one you sleep in. Give your eyes a break from screen time and try reading a book before bed instead to gently wind down.

If you long for the best nights sleep and would like to find out more about our fantastic range of hot tubs or swim spas simply visit our website or contact our friendly team for more information.

Hot Tub Aromatherapy

How to Benefit from Hot Tub Aromatherapy

If you’re the proud owner of a hot tub, no doubt you’re already experiencing the power of the targeted jets, soothing bubbles and relaxation of immersing your body in warm water.


But did you know that you can also reap the many benefits of aromatherapy from the comfort of your own hot tub?

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is defined as a holistic treatment that uses plant extracts and essential oils to improve physical or psychological wellbeing. It can be used as a treatment on its own for certain medical conditions or as a complementary therapy for a variety of ailments of the body and mind. It is experienced via our sense of smell to stimulate the brain into a sense of wellbeing.

How is aromatherapy used?

There are numerous ways in which aromatherapy can be enjoyed. In everyday life, essentials oils are used in perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products to stimulate our senses. Plant extracts have been used for centuries to heal our bodies and minds, used in body massage and oil burners. Some are invigorating, others soothing. They can also be used to rejuvenate or invigorate our senses or to help relieve stress.

Hot Tub Aromatherapy

You may be surprised to discover that aromatherapy products have been designed specifically for use in hot tubs. These products will not damage any parts or plumbing in your hot tub or leave an oily residue. Hot tub aromatherapy contains essential oils to awaken our sense of smell and penetrate the skin and hair follicles, as well as absorb into the blood stream to help eliminate toxins. These products provide you with all the benefits of aromatherapy, with the gentle formulation softening the water in the tub to leave your skin feeling gently moisturised. Who needs an expensive spa day out when you can create an authentic spa experience from the comfort of your own home!

Which scents should I try?

There are several different scents to choose from. Each creates a different sensation and provides relief from different ailments.

Some of the many scents that are available for use in hot tubs include:

Ginger – an awakening fragrance, for the relief of back pain, heavy legs
Spearmint and Eucalyptus – an invigorating fragrance for full body awakening. Also helps relieve blocked sinuses, chesty coughs or colds. Perfect for the winter!
Bergamot & lemongrass – a relaxing fragrance to help relieve insomnia or stress
Chamomile – a calming fragrance to help gently relieve headaches and insomnia
Tangerine & grapefruit – a refreshing fragrance for the relief of digestive issues and stress
Ylang Ylang – a unique fragrance to help lower blood pressure and stress. It’s also considered to be an aphrodisiac, so use with care! 😉❤

If you would like some more advice on aromatherapy for your hot tub, then pop down to our showroom in Ilkley to see our range of Dream Scents products. Alternatively, you can purchase these from our online shop.

Please note: proceed with caution in relation to aromatherapy. Only use approved aromatherapy hot tub products (such as Dream Scents) in your tub, otherwise you may damage the parts. Equally, never use hot tub products in your home bath.

As always Yorkshire Hot Tubs can advise the best products for your needs, so please contact us if you need any help.

Are hot tubs safe

Are hot tubs safe?

Here’s how to have fun and keep safe at the same time.

As you know, we love a quick dip in a hot tub (Hydropool branded ones only of course)! We want you to enjoy bathing in a hot tub and we’re committed to ensuring that you stay safe too.

So how can you ensure your hot tub is safe? You’ve probably read horrifying stories covering all manner of rashes, infections and dangers that can arise through improper use. Thankfully, it’s basic common-sense practices that ensure that your hot tub is safe and bacteria free.

Here’s all you need to know…

Have a shower

You know the ‘shower before you enter’ signs at the swimming pool? They’re not being rude and suggesting you suffer from poor hygiene! Having a quick rinse rids your body of surface germs and bacteria that jump on and hitch hike with you throughout the day. Showering before bathing is a quick and positive step to preventing germs entering your hot tub and a good message to heed home.

Infections, rashes and bacteria

We don’t want to raise unnecessary alarm bells or send you running for the moors, but a warm environment without the proper care is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Microbes can develop swiftly in the heat and spread rapidly to bathers. Hot tub rash (folliculitis), shigellosis, E-coli, cryptosporidium and Legionnaires disease are all nasties that can develop in a hot tub and cause serious issues, especially to more vulnerable users. Thankfully, it’s very simple to keep bacteria out of your hot tub and eradicate any danger of illness by ensuring it’s kept clean, making sure your hot tub is safe.

Looking after your hot tub is easy. Depending how much you use it, inspecting your hot tub just a couple of times a week will prevent any unpleasant microbes from developing. Also remember that the water in hot tub will need draining and replacing every so often. The frequency of this depends on the quality of the filtration system on the tub… it differs massively from brand to brand so be sure to ask if you haven’t yet bought your tub. Visit our hot tub buying mistakes page to discover more.

Yorkshire Hot Tubs also offers a variety of service packages to thoroughly clean all parts of your hot tub. Contact us for more information.

Prevent overheating by keeping the temperature of your hot tub sensible. 38 degrees Celsius is the recommended temperature, but we all know that in winter, you may prefer to crank it up. Help avoid the feeling of dizziness and dehydration by staying in for short periods and keeping well hydrated throughout. It’s also recommended that you avoid bathing in a hot tub immediately before bed to allow your body temperature time to decrease prior to settling down.

Keep a close eye on the kids

Children love the experience of being in a hot tub. That’s why the number one reason people buy hot tubs is to increase the quantity and quality of family time! However, it’s essential that kids are fully supervised during hot tub bathing to avoid the danger of drowning. Also keep an eye on how long they spend splashing around to avoid overheating.

Watch your step!

Water is slippery. Thousands of us end up at A&E with an injury after losing our footing. Take care and invest in a good set of hot tub steps if your tub is installed above ground. It’s also a great idea to keep a pair of flip flops out for going to and from the house.

If you’re still looking for your perfect hot tub and would like some advice on what’s right for you, please contact our friendly team. We’d love to hear from you.

how long you should stay in a hot tub

How long should I stay in a hot tub?

Prefer a quick dip in your tub, or do you completely lose track of time?

We all love a good relaxing soak, especially in a luxury hot tub. If you’re thinking of purchasing a hot tub, or you’ve recently bought one, what do you know about the optimum temperature, and how long you should stay in a hot tub?
Do you need to wait for fully wrinkled toes or should you be getting out sooner?

We give you some straightforward guidance on what to consider.

The Perfect Temperature

We all have different preferences on how hot we like our baths at home. It’s similar with a hot tub; some can’t bear to be bathing a degree less than 40C, whereas others are content at a cool 37C. Whatever your preference you should note that the hotter the temperature in the tub, the less time should be spent bathing.

Not too Deep!

Most hot tubs are designed to have a variety of seating options and depths to maximise comfort. Be aware that using a deeper seat and immersing yourself will increase your body temperature. Alternating between high and low seating will give your body a break from the more intense heat.

Listen to the Health Professionals

Certain people are more at risk from the dangers of a hot tub than others. Whilst there’s no strict guidance, it’s advisable that pregnant women avoid hot tubs as the heat elevates body temperature. Body temperature overall is increased in pregnancy, and hot tubs can heighten the risk of dizziness and fainting. Similarly, the elderly, diabetic, stroke sufferers and people with high or low blood pressure should avoid a hot tub for the same reasons, especially if it is at maximum temperature.

Consider the Climate

You should bear in mind the weather when using an outdoor hot tub. It’s lovely to use your hot tub in the summer, and on hot days, it makes sense to turn the temperature of your hot tub right down. Stay in for shorter periods of time to avoid overheating, fainting and dizziness. When using your hot tub in the winter, you can increase the temperature of the water but it’s worth being mindful of your body cooling down too quickly when exiting the tub which can cause dizziness.

For the Youngsters

It’s a fact that children absolutely love hot tubs. The combination of bubbles, lights and jets in what is effectively a huge bath outside is so exciting. Just as you would for a regular bath, you should ensure the temperature is turned down to 35C so your kids don’t overheat. As a general rule, infants and toddlers should not use hot tubs, not only due to the risk of drowning but because of the chemicals involved. It’s recommended that older children should stay in for up to 20 minutes at a time and not be allowed to immerse their bodies underwater for long periods.

Advice for the Grown-ups

So it’s really a matter of individual preference, ambient temperature and being mindful of how you feel individually when considering how long you should stay in a hot tub. The general guidance is around 20 – 30 minutes at one time, so if you do want to enjoy your hot tub for longer you can always have a break and get back in. Always stay hydrated, and keep some drinking water nearby to replace your fluids. Don’t forget to take care as you exit your hot tub too, especially if do happen to feel faint or dizzy.

For further friendly advice from our hot tub experts please contact us