Inflatable Hot Tubs vs Hydropool Hot Tubs

inflatable vs hydropool

Compare inflatable vs Hydropool hot tubs If you’ve been searching on the internet for a hot tub recently, you’ll probably have come across adverts for inflatable hot tubs weaving their way into your browser. Are they worth it? Here, we compare the flexible inflatable hot tubs vs an acrylic Hydropool. If you are considering an […]

What to consider before you buy a hot tub

buy a hot tub

Interested in buying a hot tub? Welcome to our brief guide on what to consider so you can tick all the boxes! We’ll guide you through what you need to consider before you buy a hot tub and make that important purchase. Hot tub base and location Location of your hot tub If you’ve had […]

Is it time to upgrade your hot tub?

upgrade your hot tub

Upgrade your hot tub with our ideas Is your hot tub looking tired and old? Or do you fancy trying out some shiny new technology? If so, it may be time to upgrade your hot tub and trade in for a new luxury model. However great the model, sadly, a hot tub doesn’t quite last […]

How an infrared sauna benefits your health

How using an infrared sauna benefits your body You may already know about the health and wellbeing advantages of using the heat of a sauna. They can help with detoxification, circulation, immune function, weight loss, skin and muscle strength to name a few. But how can an infrared sauna benefit your health?  What is an […]

Hot Tub Chemicals FAQ

We all love a good dip in a cosy bubbling hot tub. But hot tubs need a little looking after to keep them performing at their best. You’ll be pleased to know that just a quick check a few times a week and the right balance of chemicals is all you need for worry-free bathing. […]

Are hot tubs good for you?

are hot tubs good for you

You may have heard about some of the health and wellbeing benefits of immersion in water. But are hot tubs good for you? When and how should you use them? We give you the lowdown on how to use hot tubs for optimum health benefits. Exercise & yoga If you fancy boosting the wellbeing benefits […]

How can you avoid heat loss from your hot tub?

avoid heat loss from hot tub

In cooler weather, you may be conscious of the running costs of your hot tub. The last thing you want at this time of year is unnecessary heat loss from your tub that can increase your electric bills. Thankfully, with a Hydropool hot tub there are several innovative features to help retain the precious heat […]

Banish those winter blues

banish winter blues

As the nights are drawing in and we come closer to the shortest day of the year, many of us find that the lack of natural daylight, sniffles and miserable weather make us feel a bit down in the dumps. There’s no reason to let this time of year get you down! We suggest some […]

Hot tubs and moving house

moving a hot tub

Don’t forget about your hot tub during the move! Moving to a new house and wondering how to shift your tub? Or recently bought a house with a hot tub? Either way, you’ll need the help of the professionals to manage the process. Our hot tub moving service makes it a breeze, allowing you to […]

What’s the best time of day to enjoy a hot tub?

enjoy a hot tub

If you are lucky enough to own a hot tub, you want to make sure you gain the maximum benefit, both health and investment-wise. It’s recommended that you use a hot tub for around 15 minutes several times a week. But what is the best time of day to enjoy a hot tub? Let us […]