Inflatable Hot Tubs vs Hydropool Hot Tubs

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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Compare inflatable vs Hydropool hot tubs

If you’ve been searching on the internet for a hot tub recently, you’ll probably have come across adverts for inflatable hot tubs weaving their way into your browser. Are they worth it? Here, we compare the flexible inflatable hot tubs vs an acrylic Hydropool.

If you are considering an inflatable hot tub, please read this article before you buy. We believe Hydropool hot tubs give you the very best value for money in terms of ongoing running costs. There are so many benefits. Read on to find out more.

What are the benefits of an inflatable hot tub?

Initial Cost

One of the main attractions of an inflatable hot tub is the value price tag. With some models on the market costing less than £300, it makes for an attractive, affordable option that’s an achievable pay day purchase.

Inflates in moments

Another main benefit is that it takes moments to pump up your very own back garden for a spa experience. Once the water and chemicals are added and tested you can be enjoying your spa within 12 – 24 hours of purchase.  

Great for small spaces

If space is an issue, you can simply empty and deflate the hot tub after use to free up the patio without having to commit to a large area for a static hot tub. Inflatable hot tubs also tend to be much smaller than static hot tubs so perfect if your outdoor area is compact.


An inflatable hot tub is fully portable which makes it handy if you want to try out different locations in your garden. It’s easier to find the best spot depending on the weather or sunlight.

The downsides of an inflatable hot tub

Inferior insulation

It’s worth bearing in mind that inflatable hot tubs, whilst cost saving initially, cost you more in the long run to keep hot and ready to use. This is mainly due to fact they lack the valuable insulation that our Hydropool hot tubs have as standard. Without insulation, a cold wind or lack of shelter will mean you’ll lose heat from your tub, fast.

Lack of contoured seating

With an inflatable tub you effectively sit on the floor rather than with a Hydropool, where each individual seat gives you a massage tailored to your exact needs.

Smaller filters

Inflatable hot tubs tend to have smaller filters that struggle to keep the water clean, meaning more cleaning more frequent emptying and refilling.

Heating & running costs

Bear in mind that inflatable hot tubs take longer to heat up than a Hydropool hot tub and do not maintain their heat between uses. You could end up emptying and refilling your tub many times a season, which is time consuming and costly. It will take a lot longer to inflate and heat an inflatable tub each time you want to bathe. 

With the inflatable hot tub pricier to run, mainly due to the lack of insulation, many people decide to deflate it when not in use to save money on heating and chemicals.

The Hydropool difference

With a Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub, there’s absolutely no need to shut down your tub – whatever the season. With the right chemical balance, helped by our patented Self-Cleaning system you can jump in whenever the mood takes you! With none of the hassle of inflating and deflating, all it takes is a few moments weekly to check the chemical balance and enjoy our industry-leading massage. Even draining and refilling a Hydropool tub is a doddle, and only required every 8 weeks or so, dependent on the amount you use it.  

The everyday running costs are also significantly lower with a Hydropool hot tub. The electricity used to keep it running is a fraction of that if you were to keep an inflatable running constantly, mainly due to our superior insulation, Self-Cleaning system with bespoke Thermal Shield hot tub cover.

Use Whatever the Weather!

With an inflatable hot tub, you may find that you only want to use it in the summer time to keep the running costs lower. An inflatable tub will take longer to heat up in the cold weather.

As Hydropool tubs are manufactured in Canadian, they are built to withstand harsh temperatures and snowy winters. With superior insulation and custom-made hot tub covers to keep the heat in, you can be certain that the hot tub is doing everything it can minimise both heat loss and your running costs. Pennies a day is all it costs to keep a Hydropool tub ticking over; even during the winter.

Before you make the investment

An inflatable hot tub may give you a taster of whether you enjoy the experience of immersion before you commit to investing in a more permanent option. Many people purchase a low-cost inflatable spa initially then go on to invest in a higher quality option if they find they love it. With a range of finance options available, investing in a luxury hot tub can be more cost-effective than you think.

Hot Tub Installation

When you buy a Hydropool, all our installations are included in the price of your tub. Our experienced installation team handle the entire process. From flatbed to crane, we drop your hot tub exactly where you want it. 

Seat depths

An inflatable tub is likely to offer you little in the way of ergonomics and aesthetics compared to a Hydropool hot tub with bespoke colours. The varied seat depths and targeted jets ensure that every muscle in your body is reached giving you a superior bathing experience.

So, if you’re after a portable hot tub for occasional use such as parties or gatherings at an affordable price then an inflatable tub might be just for you. For those of you who prefer a little luxury, targeted hydrotherapy jets, varied seating depths or want to use more regularly then a Hydropool will be just the ticket.

Want to know more about Hydropool?

Our range of luxury hot tubs allow you to create a true spa experience from the comfort of your very own garden. View our fantastic range here or call in to see us in our showroom for more information.

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