Make the most of your hot tub in summer!

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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hot tub in summer

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How can you ensure you use your hot tub in the hottest months of the year?

Given this year’s rare and ongoing heatwave, jumping from the heat of the sun into the heat of a hot tub may be the last thing you want to do! However, it would be a shame to leave your hot tub redundant and lonely this season. With the long hot summer continuing, why not embrace outdoor living, enjoy a BBQ with family and friends and still make the most of your hot tub in summer with these helpful tips.

Who knows, we may have to wait another 40 years for the next heatwave…

Cool mornings

Take a dip first thing before the heat of the day really begins. Make the most of the light mornings, it’s great way to invigorate your muscles before you head to work.

Relax as the sun sets

Equally as tempting as the morning soak, enjoy your hot tub as the sun is setting and the ambient temperature becomes cooler. A great way to wind down after a tough day and a soak help you drift off naturally.

Turn down the hot tub temperature

Whilst the perfect hot tub temperature is entirely your personal preference, turning it down a few notches in the summer will allow you to enjoy bathing in your hot tub in summer without the getting too hot and bothered. Set it a lower than body temperature (less than 37.5°C), especially if you’re using it in the heat of the day, and it will feel cooler and refreshing to touch. Not only will you feel invigorated, you’ll save a few pounds on your hot tub running costs over the summer too – bonus!

Know your limits

Why not try alternating between hot tubbing and a cool shower? 15 mins might be the maximum you can bear in the heat of the day, and this tactic will help to avoid spending too long in the tub at any one time. Enjoy short bursts in the tub to ensure you don’t dehydrate or spend too long in the sun (if you are using an outdoor hot tub with no sun canopy).

Sip cool drinks

An ice-cold drink or even your favourite beer can be just the ticket to complete your hot tub experience on a nice sunny Yorkshire afternoon. Don’t forget to use the inbuilt ice buckets (featured on all Hydropool tubs) to keep all your drinks nice and frosty.


Get the family or friends together for an afternoon BBQ or party. Who needs an excuse? Everyone will appreciate time spent together in the sunshine and will love a good excuse to bob round and take a dip in your hot tub.

We hope you’ve found our hints about how to use your hot tub in summer useful. If you’re not lucky enough to own one just yet and want to talk to someone in the know who can offer no nonsense Yorkshire advice, we’d welcome a call. You can get in touch via the contact us page on our site or call into the hot tub showroom in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, to see range of hot tubs and swim spas first hand.

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