How to relieve stress with a hot tub or swim spa

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

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Relieve stress with a hot tub

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Unwind and de-stress

In this blog, discover how bathing in a hot tub or swim spa provides the ultimate in stress relief.

How hydrotherapy can help relieve stress

Everybody suffers stress at some time in their lives. Work, family life and financial pressures can all take their toll and cause stress on the body both mentally and physically.

One way to combat the effects of stress is through hydrotherapy. We believe using a hot tub or a swim spa is a great way to relieve stress on both the mind and body, offering many benefits for better overall mental health and wellbeing.

The history of bathing for stress relief

The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all recognised the positive effect that bathing has on the body. They created communal bathing areas from natural springs, taking in the cleansing and restorative effects of the water. These baths were a place to congregate with friends, conduct business or simply switch off from the day.

How to use a hot tub for relaxation

Today, we still recognise the effect that bathing in water has on the body. There are many ways you can use a hot tub to counteract the negative effect that stress has on the body.

In the evening

Switch on the hot tub lights, gaze at the night sky, grab your favourite drink and add some gentle music for a soothing way to unwind after a busy day.

Start your day

Turn down the temperature slightly and enjoy an invigorating dip first thing. Switch on the jets to awaken your muscles for a positive start to the day ahead.

Before bedtime

An hour before bed, set your body into a daily routine to signal when to go to sleep. A hot tub has a similar effect to a warm bath, soothing your muscles into deep relaxation. You could even pop in some DreamScents hot tub aromatherapy for added benefit.


Close your eyes and allow the soothing bubbles and the gentle sound of the jets or waterfall to drift you into a meditative state.

A hot tub is also a great place to catch up with your partner about your day or chat to the kids away from a screen.

For fun!

Kids love hot tubs and what is more fun than relaxing at the weekend splashing around and playing with a ball or diving sticks.

Truly connect with friends or family in a soothing and comfortable hot tub for the perfect way to relax and unwind together.

Hydrotherapy features

Hydropool hot tubs have a number of inbuilt programmes to help relieve stress. One is the stress treatment program – a 25 minute massage that uses specific jets to target key areas of the body.

Additional packages and upgrades are also available on our hot tubs such as Hydrofall Pillows, HydroFlex Air Therapy with heated air bubbles and DreamScents aromatherapy to compete the therapeutic experience.

How to use a swim spa for stress relief

Exercise is a great stress reliever – releasing endorphins that make us feel good. Swimming is a great no-impact way of exercising, making it suitable for all ages and abilities. It’s also an excellent way of building strength in the body.

Try swimming after an operation to build up muscles strength with minimal strain.  Use the flow of the water to soothe arthritic joints. Or if you are in training, test yourself against the water current to achieve those athletic targets!

In a swim spa, you swim at a pace you set yourself, so it’s unlike swimming in a pool. A swim spa is essentially a pool to suit your exact requirements. 

A swim spa for general fitness

A swim spa is not just for swimming. With a host of accessories available including resistance bands and foam weights, use the natural weight of the water to build core strength in your muscles. Use the steps or even run in a swim spa with minimal impact on your knees and ankles. Using a swim spa can also help with balance, so great in older age to help maintain stability and protect against falls.

Find out more about our stress relieving range of hot tubs and swim spas

If you would like to find out more information on how our hot tubs and swim spas can help relieve stress, why not come and test one out for yourself?

Book in a stress-relieving wet test at our Ilkley showroom and discover the all the wellbeing benefits of our Hydropool products.

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