Here at Yorkshire Hot Tubs we offer a wide range of service plans to keep your hot tub or spa in perfect condition. Should you need any advice on which service is best for you then don’t hesitate to contact us.


**Please ensure that the hot tub is full before the engineer is scheduled to visit**



Service Plans & Contracts



Stand Alone - £200

  • Full drain of hot tub and pipe flush

  • Removal (where possible) and cleaning of pillows and headrests

  • Cleaning and rinse of hot tub acrylic

  • Replacement of one filter (extra filters are additional cost)

  • Re-filling of hot tub and balance of water using customer chemicals

  • Checking of hot tub cover and lifting mechanism

  • Check function of ozonator (where installed)

  • Thorough clean of hydrotherpy jets (where possible)

  • Checking of all parts for corrosion and leaks

  • Detailed test of pumps, blower (where installed) and lighting




Annual Contract - £460

Annual Contract plus - £680


A complete care package for your hot tub, specially designed by us to save you time and money! including:

  • 3 x Quarterly Services

  • 1 x Annual Service


All the benefits of the complete annual service contact, including all chemicals required for normal hot tub usage throughout the 12 month period (to a maximum retail value of £360)




Hot tub Winterisation & Spring Opening



Winterisation - £200

Spring Opening - £200

  • Removal, cleaning and storage of all removable parts (i.e filters, pillows etc.)

  • Full drain of hot tub and pipe flush

  • Checking all parts for corrosion and leaks

  • Removal of pump plugs and drain

  • Loosening of pump valves and unions

  • Vaccum of all pipes and jets

  • Cleaning of hot tub cover vinyl and ensuring that it is properly secured.

  • Visual inspection of hot tub

  • Cleaning of hot tub cover vinyl

  • Installation of any pump plugs and drain plugs

  • Tightening of pump valve and unions

  • Re-installation of all removable parts (i.e filters pillows etc)

  • Filling of the hot tub, priming all pipes and removal of any air locks

  • Inspection for any leaks

  • Balancing of hot tub water using customer chemicals



Other Service Options



Hot Tub Wood Care Package

For a small extra charge we can provide a wood care package while performing any of the above services. Please Contact us for more details. Unfortunately at this time we can only offer this package to wooden cabinets and cannot restore synthetic.


Swim Spa Servicing and Regular Contracts

As swim spas vary greatly in size and complexity please Contact us for details. We do offer a similar structure to that of the hot tub service plans however price will be on application.


Hot Tub Repairs

Here at Yorkshire Hot Tubs, we carry an extensive selection of spare parts for all our hot tubs, however we can usually source parts for any other brand at competitive rates. Contact us to discuss your requirements.




Repair Call Out Structure



Within 15 miles radius of Yorkshire Hot Tubs

  • no call out fee and first 30 minutes free!

  • £50 / hour after that.


15 - 40 miles from Yorkshire Hot Tubs

  • £50 call out fee and includes first 30 minutes (payable in advance)

  • £50 / hour after that.


Over 40 miles from Yorkshire Hot Tubs

  • £100 call out fee and includes first 30 minutes (payable in advance)

  • £50 / hour after that.


Prices include VAT at 20%. Yorkshire Hot Tubs reserve the right to change prices at any time.