Why choose hydropool?

5. The Science Behind Your Hydropool Massage

A hot tub session speeds up the natural healing process.

“It calms down the aching muscle pain and decontracts the muscle fibres for an optimal full back relaxation”


Choose Yor Seat


Choose Your Massage

1. Never Float Lounger

2. Extreme Seat

3. Swivel Seat

4. Cool Down Seat

5. Arm Rest with Jets

Choose your Series


  • Choose your Series (Personalize your Massage).

  Self- Clean System
HYdroFlow Jets


  • Select your HydroFlow Jets


Choose your Theraputic option


  • Choose you Therapeutic Option (Variable Speed Air Therapy or AcuPressure Sequence Massage)


Choose Yor Mood.
Choose your mood


  • HydroFall Pillows and / or Cascading HydroFalls

Northern lights


  • Northern Lights, Deluxe LED, Dream Scents on demand