A Self-Cleaning Swim Spa from Hydropool combines all the advantages of a spa, hot tub, gym and mini swimming pool all in to one.


Love to Swim but Short On Space? The addition of a Hydropool Self-Cleaning Swim Spa to your garden could just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Hydropool Swim Spas come complete with powerful swim jets that enable you to literally swim-in-place on a jet of water, controllable for speed dependent on your age, strength and technique.


The AquaSport Swim Spa has two core stream jets that deliver a smooth swim. The AquaTrainer Swim Spa has two patented adjustable wide stream swim jets and one core stream jet that provide the best swimming experience in the industry.

Advantages of a Hydropool Self-Cleaning Swim Spa Include:


  • The World’s only self-cleaning swim spa with pressurized dual filtration system.

  • Easy to install and maintain and is far cheaper to run than a conventional swimming pool.

  • Fun, fitness, relaxation and health in a space-saving, fun design with built in spa.