The Self-Cleaning 495 is an all new modern design concentrating. Generously equipped with two full body loungers, giving an all over massage. This new hot tub is full of new innovative features such as the S-shaped deep immersion lounger providing the all new Hydropool HydroSequence Massage.




Series available:


  • GOLD (30 Hydro Flow hydrotherapy jets)

  • PLATINUM (40 Hydro Flow hydrotherapy jets)




Technical Specifications


Seating: 4 Persons

Outer Dimensions: 79" x 75" x 37" (201 cm x 191 cm x 94 cm)

Volume: 1055 L

Weight Full: 1352 Kgs








Colour Options


Alpine Mist Silver Marble Quartz Mist Storm Clouds Tuscan Sun
Copper Mayan Pacific Rim Blue Polar White Whispering Wind


Cabinetry Colours


Cedar Driftwood Expresso MidNight


The Self-Cleaning H495
495 side
This Self-Cleaning Hot Tub has a carbon footprint of only:
0.056 tCO2 -e/month &
0.066 tCO2 -e/month