The 19ft Dual Temperature AquaSport The self-Cleaning 19DTfX AquaSport
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Colour Options


Alpine Mist Silver Marble Glacier Mist Desert

Cabinetry Colours


Cedar Driftwood Expresso  



The Self Cleaning AquaTrainer 19DTfX has it all and then some. The Swim Spa has all the exercise features of the iX and more with a variable resistant swim current and the hot tub features for lower body massage including a full lounger and two full body hydrotherapy seats.


The Dual Zone DTfX has seperately controlled and operated Swim Spa and Hot Tub which allow both areas to be kept at preffered temperatures and offer the ultimate in flexibility and more power.



As with all of the Hydropool self-cleaning swim spa range, the DTfX is a fiberglass reinforced acrylic one-piece mini pool. The structure is complete with a self supporting cradle allowing the swim spa to be installed with or with out the cedar cabinet facilitating sunken installations..







Technical Specifications


Seating: 4 Persons

Outer Dimensions: (574 cm x 236 cm x 135 cm)

Swim Spa Volume: 6670 L

Hot Tub Volume: 1192L

Weight Full: 10 073 Kgs

Weight Empty: 1818 Kgs

This Self-Cleaning Swim Spa has a carbon footprint of only:
1.22 tCO2 -e/month