HydroSurround Sound System

Swim Spa’s Surround Sound includes a waterproof AM / FM / MP3 / USB Player with an iPOD / MP3 input. Proprietary circuits automatically prevent distortion at high volumes. With 180 watts total power, a custom EQ optimizes sound and automatically adjusts the various frequencies. Also includes a powerful 100W amplifier, 2 marine grade premium 3-way pop-up HydroSurround Sound speakers and a powerful sub woofer with a convenient docking station for any type of MP3 Player or use Bluetooth to sync your device to the new stero.

Stereo Head Unit

Aqua Fitness.

Aqua fitness

Aqua Rowing Machine

A combination of stainless steel oars and rubber bands attach to swivel anchors allowing you to do the full rowing motion. This is an excellent upper body and abdominal workout.

Exercise Equipment

Fitness Package

The addition of this fitness package turns any swim spa into a Aquatic Universal Gym. The resistance bands add another dimension to your workout and can be used anywhere in your swim spa within the exercise or swim tank area. The resistance bands create a full range of motion helping promote muscular development.

Internally mounted Exercise bar

24" / 48" Wall Mounted Exercise Bars

These can be mounted within the interior of the swim spa and is intended to act as a stabilizing bar for stretching and various other activities. Alternately, the Wall mount Exercise Bar can be installed on nearby walls for safety purposes as well.

Games for Kids

Games for Kids

Turn one of our swim spas into a family water park right in your own garden. We offer a wide range of kid friendly accessories.



DreamScents on Demand

As part of your total sensory swim spa experience, our state-of-the-art technology provides you the chance to change the mood or enhance your hot tub experience at the push of a button. It injects just the right amount of aromatherapy Essential Oils into your Self-Cleaning swim spa. The Essential Oils are available in a wide variety of pleasing and stimulating scents.

Aromatherapy with Dream Scents



HydroFlex Air Therapy

Every HydroFlex Air Therapy System is designed to offer you a privileged moment where up to 10,000 perfectly aimed heated air bubbles apply ideal pressure to provide you with an encompassing therapeutic massage.

Premium Waterfal

Double Premium Waterfall Jet

The adjustable “Waterfall Jet” helps release the body’s natural endorphins that act as a natural pain suppressor and help to relieve stress, headaches and pain. (Available of the 19fX & DtfX only)

Bellagio HydroFalls

Bellagio Water Fall Jets

The Bellabio water falls package includes 5 Laminar fountain jets that are illuminated with brilliant color sequencing LED lights.


AquaFlex System

This system allows the swimmer to vary the flow of water and adjust the swim intensity of the jets. Allows quick adjustment to level of fitness the swimmer is accustomed to from Novice to Triathlete. This option has keypads near the swim end so that they can easily adjust their swim without having to go back to the main keypad area. Eliminates the need for manual diverters. (Available on AquaTrainers Only)





Northern Lights

This upgrade to LED lights offers strategically placed lighting that illuminates all of the top mounted control valves. They are brilliantly coloured and sequence through a range of colours when turned on or be locked on to one preferred colour. These lights are also complemented by LED lights that illuminate the waterfall jet(s) discreetly from behind.

Northern Lights

Cover Options.

Hard Cover

Insulating Safety Hard Cover

This hard cover option is made from durable marine grade vinyl, when installed in the closed position it completely seals the top of the swim spa for improved energy efficiency. Locks are included for securing the cover and keeps curious children and pets out for improved safety and security.

Floating Cover

Float Cover with Tie Downs

Keeping your swim spa warm and ready for spontaneous usage while conserving energy and staying secure to prevent unwanted debris from entering your swim spa.

Other Popular Options.

I Command System

The Smart Phone App that is designed as a wireless hot tub control which allows you to pick the water care settings that fits your schedule, adjust filtration and temperature settings and create the ideal hot tub experience from inside your home.

i Command System

Three Tier Cedar Step

Hydropool’s optional three tier cedar step makes entering and exiting your Swim Spa safe and easy. This step is made from our premium quality furniture grade clear cedar.

Cedar steps

Four Tier Universal Step

Hydropool’s optional Four tier step makes entering and exiting your Swim Spa safe and easy. These steps are available in matching Driftwood or Espresso colour finishes.

Universal Step


We stock a huge range of water care products and accessories, should there be something specific that you require just call in to the shop or get in contact with us to discuss your requirements. Check out our online shop for all your water treatment needs


Backfillable Frame

This is the ideal solution for in ground installations and it includes Hydropool’s Galvanized steel support framing with two 30” access vaults at each end. Panel walls sold separately.

Back Fillable Frame